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Health bars, sometimes called protein or granola bars, are viewed as a health food since becoming popular among dieters and fitness enthusiasts. It seems like there’s a bar for every dietary need. But are these bars really “healthy”? Packaging can be deceiving, and though they are handy grab-and-go snacks, not all of these bars are good for you. Read more to get the skinny on health bars.

We’re not afraid of controversy, but this is a topic that really stirs up serious emotions. Coffee drinkers and lobbyists keep telling us how healthy coffee can be - up to four cups a day! That can’t be correct, can it? Well, let’s find out. We'll take an unemotional, scientific look at the pros and cons of coffee and let you decide for yourself.

According to top Integrative-Health professionals,  the best cooking oils include coconut oil, butter, and lard  not vegetable oils! If this comes as a surprise, then keep reading. We’re going to take a closer look and find why these oils are the best health choices for cooking.
Can you eat too much fish? Unfortunately the answer is yes, since not all fish are created equal when it comes to health benefits. In fact, some fish may be more harmful to your health than helpful. Fish high in mercury and bottom feeding shellfish are examples of the types that you can easily over consume in your diet. Here is what you need to know about fish and the maximum amount you should be eating, including why mercury poses such a health risk.
What is it about High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) that makes it so bad for your health? Have you seen the HFCS, or newly labeled “fructose”, ads by the Corn Refiners Association that state HFCS is safe and just like sugar? Let’s look closer at what high fructose corn syrup is, what it's hidden in, and whether the claim that it's not so bad for you after all holds any water.
In the battle to manage weight and increase energy, the importance of balancing blood sugar cannot be overstated. This is one the most vital elements of maintaining a healthy weight and supporting a positive mood. Here are five great foods to snack on that support stabilized blood sugar levels and help you feel your best all day long, without the crash.

Maybe you have heard that fish and other foods from the sea are better for you than beef, poultry, and other animal proteins. But consumers may be missing part of the story, and there are some questions as to whether shrimp and some other fish are good or may actually bebad for your health. Read on for more information.

Whether it’s to wind down after a long day or week, or to enjoy happy hour with friends and coworkers, a glass of wine has become the evening beverage of choice. Over the years, red wine has gained fast popularity boosted by a healthy reputation in the press for its supposed heart health benefits and antioxidant properties.  However, is the daily red wine health story really true or have we gone too far?
Just questioning breakfast, or whether skipping breakfast is okay, might sound outrageous. After all, it’s the most important meal of the day, right? So why are so many weight-loss coaches, sports trainers, and other intermittent fasting fanatics telling us to skip breakfast? Should we eat breakfast or not? Let’s answer this controversial question once for all!

Oysters can keep depression away? How could that possibly work?  Actually, it’s pretty simple. Oysters are loaded with seven key nutrients that fight depression. Get ready to learn how this superfood of the sea can help manage nutrient deficiencies and improve moods.

If you have high blood pressure and/or troubles managing your blood glucose, then you may suffer from a magnesium deficiency. And it may be contributing to other health issues as well. Most annual lab tests do not test for magnesium deficiencies, even though most people have low levels. Are your levels low? What does a  magnesium deficiency look like?  Read on to find out more. 

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