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Complete Protein

Complete Protein

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Leave it to Smarter Nutrition to shake up the health world once again with the Perfect Protein Powder... AMAZING!

Complete Protein's Features

  • 30 grams of Protein, Perfect Blend of 3 Top Protein Sources
  • Net Carbs of Just 8 grams
  • Dietary Fiber of 6 grams to Slow Digestion & Eliminate Blood Sugar Spikes
  • Gentle on Stomach with Increased Protein Absorption from Added Enzymes and Herbs
  • Zero Added Sugar, Low-Fat, Cholesterol-Free
  • All-Natural, with Egg White and Organic Plant Proteins
  • No Synthetic Ingredients, No-Added Oils, No Sugar Alcohols, No Preservatives
  • Dairy-Free (No Whey or Casein), Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO
  • Tastes and Feels Like a Creamy Milk Shake!

Getting enough quality protein in our diet each day is critical

Getting enough quality protein in our diet each day is critical to building and preserving muscle, staying slim and keeping strong as we age.

It’s also key to immune health, and crucial to healthy skin, bones and joints, and even healthy hair and nails. Consuming protein throughout the day, stimulates hormones that help the body feel full with fewer cravings for bad foods, and is an essential and easy part of every day weight management.

Top nutritionists, from the leading protein research center in the world at the University of Illinois, have concluded that as we age we need more protein each day not less, and the right amount is 30g per serving — three times per day (four times per day if you’re active).

However, most Americans don’t get enough protein, especially at breakfast – the most important protein meal of the day.


Starting your day with protein

Is the number one thing you can do to set up your body and mind for a healthy day to come – revving your metabolism, fueling your muscles and keeping your mind sharp.

Supplementing each day with Complete Protein makes it so quick and easy!

Getting your protein from a variety of sources

Has proven to be best for your health. But the way people do it today is just not working. It seems like people fall into one of these two camps:

They eat excessive amounts of meat, which is not healthy and leads to heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation and more.

They eat little or no meat. Though this offers many other benefits, it’s a fact that most non-animal plant, grain or seed sources of protein are inferior protein, because they don’t contain all the essential amino acids your body needs each day, in the right amounts, for a strong physique.

However, there are two plant-based proteins that are complete, with all nine essential amino acids your body needs each day. Plant proteins also provide a wide array of other minerals and nutrients that you don’t get from animal sources.

The Protein Kings

Top Animal Protein Source

Egg White Protein

It is the cleanest protein source on the planet – pure protein with no fat or cholesterol and highest in all the branch chain amino-acids (bcaa’s) for building, maintaining and preserving lean muscle.

Top Plant Protein Sources

Pea Protein

It has become one of the most popular plant protein powder sources, because it is not only complete with all 9 essential amino acids, it also has an unusually high level of the amino acid Arginine (3 times as much as whey) which is essential for building muscle.


Quinoa Protein

Yes this popular super food is also a complete protein. Considered the “mother of all grains”, it’s actually a high-fiber, low-glycemic, antioxidant and nutrient rich seed that is packed with protein. Plus, its unique flavor makes for a smooth and delicious shake.


This protein powder
builds lean muscle

Wait, don’t all protein powders do that? The answer is no, and if you’re taking strictly plant-based protein powder, it’s very likely that it doesn’t do that. The reason is most plant protein powders come up short in 3 places:

You need 3 grams of leucine to start the protein synthesis process,

Dr. Layman, PhD from the University of Illinois Food Sciences department.

He is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on metabolic health, muscle metabolism, and their role in muscle health (mass, strength & flexibility) and its contribution to overall health, functional capacity and lifespan.

  • 1

    They don’t provide 30 grams of protein per serving. This is the threshold amount needed for proper protein synthesis to build muscle in the body. Not 10 grams or 20 grams, you need 30 grams per serving!

  • 2

    They don’t provide enough Leucine. A quality powder must have all 9 of the essential amino acids to provide the benefits you want. But among the 9, the amino acid Leucine is the most important for muscle growth, and all plant only protein powders come up short.

  • 3

    They don’t provide additional aid for muscle recovery. Protein powders need help from added natural ingredients, like Quercetin — a powerful flavonoid and antioxidant found in the apples, grapes, berries, broccoli, citrus fruits, that aids in muscle recovery by reducing inflammation and blood sugar levels.


Fiber is protein’s best friend

This recent nutritional discovery about the importance of fiber in properly digesting protein is changing the protein shake industry. The right amount of dietary fiber, which research shows is about 6 grams, has an amazing effect on how the body processes a protein shake.

By slowing the digestion of the protein with fiber, the protein is not only much gentler on the stomach, you also avoid blood sugar crashes that typically comes minutes after consuming popular protein powders and ready-to-drink beverages in stores today.


No more running to the toilet after a protein shake

Adding herbs like the combination Astragalus and Ginseng (known as Astragin®), has been clinically proven to increase the absorption of protein in the body.

In addition to Astragin, Complete Protein also includes specific digestive enzymes to help the body process the protein more naturally and completely – a problem for many that comes with age.


The debate is over, dairy is bad for adults

It’s estimated that over two-thirds of people have a reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy. With age that percentage grows and if you are of Asian descent it’s almost 100% of adults. No adult should be consuming dairy-based protein – that includes whey, whey isolate, casein – they’re all milk-based and all bad for you.

They’re inflammatory to your body and cause gut, skin and other health issues over time. Sadly, nearly 80% of the protein drink market still comes from dairy-based products. If you consume dairy-based protein, then it’s time to stop — the negatives far outweigh the positives.


A clean protein formula is hard to find

Most protein powders use additives including soy and corn starch synthetics and lots of other things that your body may be unfamiliar with or allergic to.

Complete Protein is truly 100% natural with no synthetic ingredients, no added oils, no added starches, no sugar alcohols and no preservatives.


It has to taste great

Let’s face it, many people continue to consume dairy-based proteins over plant-based protein drinks because they taste better.

Not just taste better but they have a better mouth-feel with less grit.


But not with Complete Protein – we’re not afraid to compete with any protein powder on taste – dairy or no dairy. The food scientists at Smarter Nutrition have developed vanilla and chocolate Complete Protein formulas to rival the flavor and feel of any dairy-based drink.

And they did it without adding additional sugars or fat. It truly is amazing, a real breakthrough — a delicious shake you’ll look forward to every day!

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