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Smarter Ubiquinol

Smarter Ubiquinol

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Protect Vital Body Systems from Oxidative Damage

Ubiquinol protects vital systems in the body from oxidative damage and is the active form of CoQ10. Ubiquinol is significantly better absorbed as a supplement, particularly as we age.

images Helps maintain healthy blood sugar & cholesterol levels

images Supports immune & nervous system health

images Powerful antioxidant & free radical scavenger

images Promotes increased energy and stamina

images Supports heart health & functionality

images Helps maintain a healthy blood pressure


Smarter Nutrition Ubiquinol

Ubiquinol is highly concentrated in key organs of the body such as the brain, liver and heart — providing essential support for mitochondria, the miniature energy centers of every cell in the body.

Active CoQ10

CoQ10 is found in every cell of the body with especially high concentrations in the brain, liver, and heart. It’s essential to mitochondrial energy production and functions as a powerful, fat soluble, free radical scavenger.

Age Defense

CoQ10 has been shown to increase energy and stamina levels in the body, support the nervous and immune system, and improve cell endurance and defend against the effects of harmful oxidation.

Supports Energy Production

Ubiquinol is a natural coenzyme that plays a crucial role in 95% of production of energy used by organs in the body. Ubiquinol levels may drop due to age, stress levels, and cholesterol- lowering statin drug therapy.