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Smarter Multivitamin 

Smarter Multivitamin 

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The Right Amount — a Smarter Approach!

In a landmark international clinical study with almost 100,000 participants the true vitamin & mineral requirements of men and women, beyond what they get from diet, were finally uncovered.

And the results were shocking! Current multi-supplements provide excessive (potentially harmful) levels of certain vitamins and the wrong amounts of key minerals. Smarter Multi fixed the problem — providing the exact amount of vitamins & minerals men require each day.

  • Scientifically determinated list of vitamins & minerals
  • Perfect “shortfall amount”

The Right Form

Your body can’t use what it doesn’t absorb. Traditional multi-supplements come in hard “rock-like” tablets that are poorly digested.

We take a smarter approach...minerals come in an easy-to-digest powder, and vitamins come in separate Omega-3 oil softgels for maximum absorbtion.

  • Serving Size: 1 Softgel (Vitamins)
    3 Capsules (Minerals)

Vitamins & Minerals from Organic Sources — Real Fruits and Vegetables

Vitamins & minerals are best absorbed in the body when they come from plant sources, not synthetic (inorganic) or soil sources found in traditional multi-supplements. We use spinach, broccoli okra, peaches and pears, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and more wherever possible so each nutrient is digested like real food.

  • Organic-Sourced
  • Not Synthetic