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Smarter Vortex Blender Cup - Next Generation Shaker Cup

Smarter Vortex Blender Cup - Next Generation Shaker Cup

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Smarter Vortex Blender Cup

A patented blender cup (no shaking, so no spilling), it mimics pharmaceutical blenders using agitator ad gears. You can make lump free protein shakes anywhere and anytime by just rotating the oval handle which is connected to the agitator and patented gear system. No need of whisk ball, spring ball, plastic Jaxx or any kind of charging or batteries. Coiled structure of blade creates powerful vortex, and window paddle scoops up powder from bottom and adds to the vortex for unmatched blending.

Blending Vortex

Rotate the outer handle to drive 30x the force to the proprietary blender.

No Wasted Powder

The internal blender reaches the entire circumference of the cup.

No Air Bubbles

Blending introduces no additional air.

Minimum Liquid Required

Smarter's Blender Cup requires a fraction of effort to accomplish the same rate of mixing.

Easy Cleaning

Fully disassemble for cleaning. No more foul smells.

Smarter Vortex Blender Cup - Next Generation Shaker Cup

More About the Smarter Vortex Blender Cup

No Shaking Needed

Forget whisk ball, spring ball, batteries, and charging. Our cup uses torque power using only your finger to generate rotational energy that create a powerful vortex in the palm of your hand.

Advanced Gears And Agitator

Our patented reverse planetary gear system produces 5 rotations with each turn of the handle. Two coiled blades and the window paddle create a vortex that can mix any type of powder with minimum amount of liquid required.

24-ounce Capacity With Clear Markings

easy to read markings embossed in the cup so it will never wash away in the dishwasher!

Dishwasher Safe

Our design is easy to clean, BPA and phthalate-free.

Made In The USA

Our shaker bottle is made in the USA from premium components and advanced technology.

How It Works

Simple! Add your choice of beverage or water with powder (such as protein) and rotate the agitator using the oval handle that fits comfortably on your finger.

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