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Many people count down the years until they’re able to retire. After years of hard work, retirement is a welcome change of pace. However, idle hands can make for unhealthy habits. When you’re used to doing a similar routine for decades and it suddenly ends, you may find yourself wondering how to effectively manage your free time. These 10 healthy habits can help you make the most of your retirement while supporting your mind and body as you progress into a different stage of life.

Between busy work and social schedules, it can be difficult to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. While you might make a conscious effort to eat a balanced diet and exercise often, sleep can fall by the wayside — and it could actually derail your healthy lifestyle efforts. The National Sleep Foundation suggests adults over 18 years old get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. If you can’t remember the last time you were in dreamland that long, this blog is for you.
Fact or fiction: It is possible to slow the aging process both mentally and physically? Fact! While there isn’t a map to a magical fountain you can drink from, there are many lifestyle choices that can make a big impact on how you look and feel.
When we’re younger, we can’t wait to be older. But when we’re older, we wish we were younger. Part of the human condition, especially in western cultures, is wishing for what we don’t have and then being surprised that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be when we have it.
“If you keep cracking your knuckles, you’re going to get arthritis.” You’ve likely heard that cautionary phrase before, but wondered if it was really true. The short answer is no, it’s not. Studies have shown that cracking your knuckles doesn’t actually cause arthritis, but there are other factors that do.
“These commercial products, most of them creams, sit for months or even years on drug store shelves, and are full of chemicals that you’ve never heard of.”

If the hype around omega-3 fatty acids seems fishy, this blog will hook you into a new line of thinking. The word “fat” has gotten a bad reputation, and it may seem counter intuitive that something described as “fatty” could be good for you. However, omega-3s are not only good for you; they are an essential nutrient that the human body relies on to function properly every day.

Your joints are essential for independent movement, but they impact more than just the physical aspects of your life. When the body isn’t able to move comfortably, mental health, sleep, and energy levels can all be negatively affected.

When it comes to blood pressure and cholesterol, numbers don’t lie. It’s important to know what your numbers are and how they affect your health. Depending on where you rank, you may need to make changes to your lifestyle in order to lower your numbers and decrease your chances of heart disease or stroke. Both high blood pressure and high cholesterol are often considered “silent killers” because there don’t always exhibit noticeable symptoms, requiring tests to reveal their reality.
If you follow the latest news in the health and wellness arena, chances are good you’ve heard about the dangers of chronic inflammation in the body. Normal inflammation is an important part of the immune system. According to the experts at the University of Wisconsin Health, inflammation occurs when the body responds to an illness or injury. This type of healthy inflammatory response is beneficial to protecting the body.
While skincare routines can become tedious, including collagen powder into your daily routine is easy, enjoyable, and delicious. When it comes to beauty, consistency is the key to success. At an age as early as 20, the body begins to make less collagen—and it only continues to deplete after that.
Stress arises for many different reasons throughout the course of a person’s life. Whether it’s due to taking the SAT test, getting married, navigating finances, or contemplating a career change, it can impact one’s quality of life in several different ways. 

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