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Independent Multivitamin Study

10 Year Independent Study: “BLUEPRINT for the Perfect Multivitamin is Here!”

The US Department of Agriculture’s landmark 100,000 person study exposes the hidden dangers of America’s popular multivitamin tablets - while providing the blueprint for the perfect multivitamin.

If you’d like to learn these three easy principles of the Perfect Multivitamin, and how important they are to your health right now, then READ ON!

But first…A Disclaimer:

We all know that we should strive to eat a well-balanced diet of real food – fruits, vegetables, greens, whole grains, fermented foods and other fresh healthy items each day

And we all agree there are serious life-threatening implications to eating a poor diet.

So, why aren’t we eating the right way when we know it’s so important!?

Well, except for a very small percentage of us, the reality of modern life simply makes it impossible to eat the way we know we should.

Disclaimer: Live and eat as healthy as you can. Only supplement where diet falls short.

Now let’s talk about that landmark 10-year, 100,000 participant “Multivitamin Study”.

Is “More” Always Healthier?

For decades now dietary supplement marketers have been pushing more is better…

… promoting many nutrients in their multi formulas at levels far above the 100% recommended dietary allowance (“RDA”) level…

Now, multiple independent studies have concluded that more is NOT better when it comes to vitamins and minerals. In fact, it’s worse… MUCH worse!

And when you take a closer look, it really gets interesting…

How Much is TOO Much

The USDA’s landmark study concluded that Americans are getting an overdose of many vitamins and some minerals beyond the FDA’s upper limit.

“Too much of one nutrient can lead to something called hypervitaminosis in the body, which refers to the excessive, toxic intake of nutrients” says Dr. Wortham.

Typical symptoms of hypervitaminosis include…

  • Lethargy and Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Dizziness & headache
  • Brittle Bones and more

But these are just short-term symptoms of hypervitaminosis. Over time it can lead to much more serious conditions and chronic illnesses, and even a shorter life. Just the opposite of what we want from our vitamins and minerals.

Think of it as being slowly poisoned by your multivitamin tablet.

Case Study 1: Vitamin A Toxicity

The Multi Study found that “diet plus a typical multi tablet” easily combines to push Vitamin A levels above the FDA’s tolerable level – building to toxic levels.

Vitamin A is fat soluble so it’s stored in the body, primarily in your liver, and it builds up over time, compounding the issue.

Symptoms of Vitamin A Toxicity include…

  • Dizziness
  • Reduced bone density
  • Headaches
  • Central nervous system disorders
  • Liver abnormalities

What makes it worse is the Vitamin A in many of the popular big brands of multi-tablets typically use what’s called “pre-form synthetic vitamin A”.

It often shows up on the label as “retinyl acetate” or “retinyl palmitate”. This cheap form of Vitamin A can build up very fast in your body.

“The vitamin A in your multivitamin should only be from beta-carotene” says Dr. Wortham. He goes to explain, “this form of vitamin A is what you get when you eat carrots. The body takes this form of vitamin A and converts and uses only what it needs, so you’ll never have a toxicity issue!” explains Dr. Wortham.

Case Study 2: Too Much Iron

The Multi Study also found that many people are getting way too much iron, also above the tolerable upper limit set by the FDA.

Iron is one of the most corrosive of all minerals. This means it’s easily oxidized by, you guessed it, oxygen, which shows up as rust when it’s outside your body.

But inside your body, that’s another story.

“Iron stores” build up in your cells accelerating free radical damage to healthy tissues.

Over time this iron overload can contribute to a host of degenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s, liver fibrosis, heart disease and even cancer.

This leads us to the first principle for the Perfect Multi Vitamin…

>>> Principle #1: Only supplement the vitamins and minerals we are deficient in.

Too Much AND Not Enough!?

When you look at the multi in your cabinet and you see 200% of a certain vitamin, it’s not hard to conclude you’re getting too much.

But there’s another side to traditional multivitamin tablets that the Multi Study found that is fascinating…

Multi-users are also getting too little of many important key nutrients,like calcium and magnesium.

The Multi Study says it best…

“Multivitamin products could be better formulated to reduce the prevalence of inadequacies and the risk of excessive intakes”.

Most multivitamin formulas provide almost no minerals. Most multivitamins either completely miss, or provide woefully insufficient amounts, of the minerals we are most deficient including:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Boron

Look at this popular multivitamin label.


Calcium and Magnesium are the literal foundation of…

  • Bone Health
  • Immune Health
  • Blood Sugar Regulation

And there is none of the important trace mineral, Boron, whatsoever in this popular multi.

Almost every multivitamin on the market has disregarded the advice of independent studies in regards to the correct “daily nutrient amounts” needed for maintaining overall health, and their labels show it.

How much is the right amount?

The purpose of multivitamins is simple…

…to provide the right amount of missing vitamins and minerals that we don’t get enough of from the food we eat (called the the “nutrient shortfall” amount). Nothing more, nothing less.

>> Principle #2: Supplement the correct amount of each vitamin and mineral we are deficient in.

The “Nutrient Shortfall” Amount

Sounds like common sense, right?

But, as the studies confirm, almost no multivitamin on the market actually formulates by taking food into consideration.

Take a look at the multivitamin in your pantry. The “RDA” (Recommended Daily Allowance) set by the FDA takes into account total consumption – including food!

The Multi Study, funded and backed not by the supplement industry but by the USDA, even researched various ethnicities, and spanned 10 years with a stunning 100,000 participants.

It provided specific information and determined the real “nutrient shortfall” of each vitamin and mineral that we don’t get enough of from food. That’s the amount we need to get from a multi supplement.

It’s a simple equation:

  • “100% RDA” of Any Nutrient -
  • Amount We Get from Diet =
    (from food)
  • Nutrient Shortfall Amount Needed
    (from a multi supplement)

Formulating the Perfect Multi

So, to have the Perfect Multivitamin you need to:

1. Supplement the vitamins and minerals that you don’t get enough of from food – and nothing else.

2. Supplement the proper “nutrient shortfall” amount.

Using the real nutrient shortfall amounts from The Multi Study,Smarter Multi was formulated with just the right amount of each nutrient for optimum health – not too little and not too much.

“Getting the right nutrition every day is like kicking a football through the goal posts. Too little or too much of each essential vitamin and minerals each day can lead to serious health consequences as we age” says Dr. Wortham.

Now all we need is the third principle, and you’ve got the formula for the perfect multivitamin…

We Eat Plants… We Don’t Eat Dirt!

As with vitamins, getting a daily intake of essential minerals is extremely important for your health. That’s why nutritional experts encourage us to get our minerals from fresh greens, fruits, and vegetables.

Your body can’t manufacture minerals, unlike it can with many other nutrients. You cannot truly be healthy without 100% of the daily intake of all the key essential minerals!

But here’s the problem. Most minerals in our multi’s are synthetic and inorganic, derived from crushed rocks.

But humans derive their minerals from food, not rocks.

The Farm to Tablet Lie

Take a walk through the supplement aisles at your local health food and you’ll see multivitamin supplements claiming to contain fresh “farm food-derived nutrients”.

Seeing that you’re probably left with the impression that the entire supplement is all original whole food extracts.

Right? Well guess again.

Upon closer inspection you’ll see how manufacturers are playing you! Using some food derived nutrients so they can brag about them on their label and in their advertising, but on closer inspection most of their multi-formula has the same old conventional synthetic vitamins they’ve always used. They just hide it well on their label.

A great marketing trick for sure - but buyer beware.

Here’s how you can tell…

Next time you have your hands pick up a supposed “whole food” multi supplement and take a look at the Supplements Facts panel.

Here’s an example of what you might find…


If you see something like – Vitamin B1 listed as “thiamine HCL with organic brown rice” – then buyer beware.

You see what they are telling you, in a very subtle way, is that the Vitamin B1 is not food derived. Nice try, huh!

This is just one example. There are a variety of ways green “nutrient powders” that give a similar impression. So, don’t be fooled, apply the label test and you may be very surprised!

Message Us to Review a Label Together. We Love Doing It!

Which brings us to the third principle for the Perfect Multivitamin.

>> Principle #3: Choose whole food and organic-based sources.

Now you know all three principles, let’s summarize it and then I’ll show you a formulation that incorporates all three. Exactly what your body needs each day.

Old Multivitamin Tablet Formulations Have THREE Huge Problems…

  • They overdose on the vitamins
  • They shortchange on the minerals
  • They use crushed rocks instead of plant-based sources

Only Smarter Multi Follows the “Blueprint” for the Perfect Multi…

  • Has the complete scientifically determined checklist of essential vitamins and minerals we are deficient in
  • Gives the perfect safe and effective shortfall amount of each nutrient that we don’t get enough of from diet, so you get just the right amount each day
  • Uses plant-based and not crushed-rock mineral sources But that’s not all, Smarter Multi also…
  • Separates their vitamins and the minerals to preserve the fragile plant-based nutrition and for maximum absorption of each.
  • Instead of using poorly digested rock hard-pressed tablets like conventional multis, Smarter uses “soft minerals” in a fine, free-flowing “loose packed” powder that is quickly and thoroughly digested.
  • Since fat-soluble vitamins can be hard on the tummy, Smarter provides all the vitamins in a ginger oil base for easier of digestion and maximum nutritional freshness.
  • Each day’s serving comes in a small and convenient tear open pouch. It’s great for travel too.
  • It comes in a Women’s and a Men’s formula.
  • So, what’s the price… less than a dollar a day!!!

“Okay, I think that makes sense, but what’s the benefit of taking a multi again?”

Have you ever tried to put together a puzzle without all the pieces?

Imagine if you lost one puzzle piece for every day you didn’t get, say, enough calcium. How long until before you couldn’t put any of the puzzle together anymore?

See, your bones are made of calcium - an essential mineral that over 50% of us are deficient in.

(It’s no wonder healthcare professionals emphasize bone health so much as we age!)

Every day your bones are regenerated. But for each day that your body doesn’t get that life-building calcium, it effectively loses a puzzle piece.

So what’s the solution?

Nutritionists will tell us to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle, and we should. But as the studies demonstrate, for most of us the reality of modern life makes it impossible to consistently get all nutrients from food that we need for long-term health.

“If you are like me, one of the multi-millions of people that can’t get in 8-9 servings of fruits and veggies each day, then you need a daily multivitamin” says Dr. Nancy Lin, PhD holistic nutritionist.

Think of Smarter Multi as the extra fruit and veggies you can’t get enough of each day.

It’s not a big promise. It’s a small promise each and every day. But over time it can mean a big difference in your health, even how long you live.

And There’s a Money Back Guarantee

Give it a try. If it doesn’t work for you, you get a full refund. No questions asked.

Smarter Nutrition has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers and less than 1% of customers contact us to request a refund.

But it’s a truly hassle free, pain-free experience for those that do.

Here’s the contact info:

phone: 1-800-976-6118

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