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Smarter Vitamin D3

Smarter Vitamin D3

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Active Vitamin D3

The dirty little secret of the supplement industry is traditional Vitamin D pills are pretty scary. Made with an animal by-product called “sheep grease”, most also lack the added Vitamin K2 you need to direct calcium into your bones and not your arteries.

Smarter Vitamin D with “Active Vitamin D3” from plants and with Vitamin K2 support is different. It can quickly and safely get your Vitamin D levels back to optimum. It’s your best protection this season!


Why Do I Need 5,000 IU of Vitamin D Every Day?

Unlike other immune support nutrients like Vitamin C, it’s nearly impossible to get the 5,000 IU of Vitamin D you need each day from food. You can bring your vitamin D levels up with repeated sun exposure, but that’s not possible for most in the Winter, unless you live in the Caribbean.

Having healthy Vitamin D levels does more than support a healthy immune system, it also directly affects the health and expression of more than 2000 genes in your body.

  • images Mood and Mental Wellbeing
  • images Muscle Function
  • images Joint Support
  • images Cardiovascular Function
  • images Respiratory System Health
  • images Brain Health

if you’re taking a stand-alone traditional Vitamin D supplement you could be doing more harm than good!


Here’s what you DON’T want in your Vitamin D supplement Yet it’s what you find in stores or online...

images Gross Animal Byproducts Most vitamin D supplements are derived from bodily fluids secreted by sheep’s glands. Yes, it’s gross and not what you want to be putting into your body.

images Negligent & Potentially Harmful Formulations Standalone vitamin D supplements, without added Vitamin K2, can cause calcium buildup in other parts of the body, like your arteries, that can lead to health risks and disease.

images Vitamin D3 not D2 Vitamin D3 is the active form of Vitamin D that’s easily absorbed by the body and mimics what you get from natural sunlight. Vitamin D2 is used by some marketers because it’s so much easier to come by.

images Unnecessary Additives Chemicals like magnesium stearate and stearic acid are added to cheap vitamin D supplements in stores, which are neither necessary nor beneficial to your health.


The Perfect Vitamin D Formula – Your First Line of Defense! SMARTER NUTRITION has pioneered the clean and active Vitamin D3 supplement that big-name store brands SHOULD be selling!

images Premium Plant-Based Vitamin D3 – The Most Absorbable and Active Form Unlike other Vitamin D pills that are excreted from sheep's glands, then chemically processed, Smarter Nutrition’s Vitamin D3 comes from the most premium plant source of active Vitamin D3. It’s sustainably sourced from a nutrient-rich green plant called a lichen - a vitamin D3 source that’s naturally free from contaminants and undesirable animal byproducts.

images Perfect Formula - Synergy of Four Natural Ingredients Smarter Nutrition Vitamin D3 is encapsulated in vegetarian softgels with organic extra virgin coconut oil for faster bioavailability than powdered products. The medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) in coconut oil provide quick energy for the body and enable fast absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins D3 and K2. It’s the optimal blend of ingredients for safety and maximum benefits.

images Essential Vitamin K2 Complex Support evidence shows that vitamin D is dependent on vitamin K2, and that vitamin D toxicity can actually be caused by the lack of vitamin K2. In addition to being a necessary ingredient for protection, the benefits of vitamin D3 are greatly enhanced by vitamin K2 in terms of bone strength, cardiovascular health, and more.

images Fully Bioavailable Using cutting edge technology, Smarter Nutrition Vitamin D3 is encapsulated in clinically proven and patented vegetarian softgels, free from chemical coatings, fillers, and synthetic binders. We deliver premium, plant-based vitamins D3 and K2 in coconut oil to make Smarter Vitamin D3 fully bioavailable.


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