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Smarter Magnesium

Smarter Magnesium

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A Powerhouse Mineral

Magnesium is a vital mineral with over 300 known health benefits, including enhanced enzyme activity, metabolism, protein and fatty acid production, and nerve function. Magnesium has also been shown to have positive effects on bone health, cardiovascular function, and blood sugar regulation, to name just a few.

Of course, not just any magnesium supplement will do. Studies have shown that bioavailability (the ability of our body to absorb a substance) is a serious obstacle to the efficacy of many magnesium supplements. To get the most benefit from your magnesium supplement, it’s important to find one derived from the right natural source, such as seawater.


The Right Source and Structure Makes A Difference

Smarter Magnesium is a salt-water (seawater) sourced natural magnesium supplement that promotes long-term health by targeting numerous processes in the body. Seawater contains high levels of minerals such as magnesium, thereby ensuring exceptional potency and making it an optimal source of nutrients.

But that’s not all! The marine-derived magnesium in this supplement has a honeycomb structure which affords it with unique properties such as a large surface area, temperature and humidity resistance, and strong structural stability. This means that it is extra resistant to stomach acid, which allows your body to reap the full benefits of this valuable mineral.

A Closer Look At Magnesium’s Health Benefits

imagesSupports Bone Health

Magnesium helps facilitate the transfer of calcium into bones by accelerating the activity of vitamin D, which is also a vital nutrient for healthy bones. This powerful mineral also promotes the formation of hard tooth enamel that resists acid-induced tooth decay.

Without this important mineral, calcium cannot be properly transported to the bones and teeth, and would instead begin to accumulate in organs such as the liver or kidneys.

imagesImproves Heart Health

Magnesium also supports the health of heart muscle tissue by playing a role in electrical signals that regulate the heartbeat. It also helps reduce the accumulation of fatty (plaque) buildup in the arteries, and targets blood pressure by improving blood flow.

A daily dose of Smarter Magnesium provides just enough magnesium to ensure that your body consistently receives ample amounts of this essential mineral, even if you're not able to get enough from your diet.

imagesPromotes Muscle Movement

In addition to supporting the health of the bones, magnesium plays a role in muscle movement by promoting muscle contraction and relaxation. Furthermore, low levels of magnesium are associated with electrolyte disorders, and inadequate electrolyte levels can lead to muscle fatigue, cramps, and spasms.


Experience Enhanced Benefits with Avocado Oil and AstraGin


Avocado oil is a rich source of healthy fats such as oleic acid, which support optimal blood pressure levels and help improve good cholesterol by targeting harmful triglycerides and bad cholesterol. The rich fatty acids in avocado oil also help nourish the skin and accelerate the body's natural wound-healing capabilities.

It also contains active components called unsaponifiables, which have anti-inflammatory properties that help target inflammation in different parts of the body including the joints, bones, and even the gums.

It even has powerful antioxidant activity that neutralizes free radicals that are known to cause cell damage, making avocado oil an especially versatile ingredient in Smarter Magnesium.


Another key ingredient is AstraGin, which is a combination of Astralagus and Panax Notoginseng. This particular blend is well known for its ability to strengthen the immune system by heightening the production of white blood cells.

Astragalus, in particular, helps improve the health of the heart by relaxing the blood vessels, which improves blood circulation to and from the heart. It also contains active compounds known as polysaccharides that enhance the body's regulation of blood sugar levels while fasting and after having a meal.


Similarly, ginseng is an adaptogen that supports numerous processes in the body, including, but not limited to, blood sugar regulation, energy production, metabolism, immune system response, and adrenal gland function. However, ginseng also heightens brain functions such as mood, memory, and social behavior, making it an essential component of this supplement.

Smarter Magnesium Provides An Optimal Combination of Ingredients

When taken together, seawater-sourced magnesium, avocado oil, and AstraGin boost and help sustain overall health by supporting several vital organs in the body as well as a wide array of biological processes.

All of these benefits can be experienced by taking just 3 softgels daily with a meal. These ingredients are so potent that you can expect to feel an improvement in your health in a short amount of time. Try Smarter Magnesium today!



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