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What Works to Combat Premature Skin Aging, and What Doesn't

“These commercial products, most of them creams, sit for months or even years on drug store shelves, and are full of chemicals that you’ve never heard of.”

    The Search for Skin Care Solutions

    Today we’re going to share some new, surprising, and maybe even a little controversial information about premature skin aging. These days when you turn on the television, you’ll see the same type of commercial over and over again — a beautiful woman in her late 40s or early 50s, usually an actress, and they are all talking about the same thing: the latest product to eliminate wrinkles and get soften skin. It’s hard to miss these commercials starring people like Nicole Kidman, Eva Longoria, Cindy Crawford and more — Hollywood’s elite pushing younger skin.

    And we watch it! It makes sense — no one wants their skin to age. No one wants more wrinkles, or to look like they are getting older. So we pay extra special attention when we see these beautiful celebrities talk about these supposedly “age-defying” skin care products. People want solutions. No one likes fine lines creeping up around their eyes or wrinkles showing up on the forehead or around the mouth. And why would you? Especially if they can be prevented. But these commercial products, most of them creams, sit for months or even years on drug store shelves, are full of chemicals that you’ve never heard of, and we really doubt that the actresses use many of the products they’re pitching. 

    The other thing we see across the board is more and more women, and even men, opting to treat wrinkles and fine lines with Botox. Everyone is pushing it these days, even eye doctors and dentists.  

    According to recent studies Botox rates are up —way up; in fact, Botox use is occurring at younger and younger ages too. With women aged 19 to 35, it’s increased nearly 90% in the last five years alone. That means womenas young as 19 years old are using Botox! 

    But Botox is nothing more than a band-aid; a temporary fix, not a way to achieve actually healthy skin. It’s not a permanent solution, and does nothing to prevent premature aging. And the botox side-effects and horror stories are pretty scary too.

    So Where Does That Leave Us?

    What if we told you that dermatologists (not celebrities) have found the secret — something to counter the main cause of premature aging. And though it isn’t an instant fix, itdoes lead to very noticeable benefits in the first 1 or 2 months, which keep building over time. And they’ve got the clinical studies to back it up! It takes that long because the secret to preventing premature aging starts from deep within, under the surface of your skin. That’s right... the only way to fix premature wrinkles and skin aging is from the inside out!

    We’ve talked about this product before. It’s called Smarter Skin Collagen, and those of you who are already using it are seeing great results. The stories we’ve heard have been so encouraging! People are seeing drastic improvements — especially around people’s eyes and mouth, the skin is looking healthier than ever; it’s a real game changer.

    But don’t take our word for it — Check outTina’s,Teresa’s,Diane’s,Geri’s, andBobbie’s stories…and more!

    Now, collagen worked fast for these people, but not overnight. Once again anything that shows improvement overnight is just temporary; your skin just doesn’t work that way. 

    Here’s what we do we know about premature skin aging 

    1. We don’t have to accept it
    2. Fine lines and wrinkles are preventable, even reversible
    3. It requires some commitment, but it’s worth it.

    5 Crucial Steps for Healthy Skin

    1. Eat more of awhole-food, plant-based diet that fights inflammation in the skin and face
    2. Get regularexercise and take measures toreduce your stress.
    3. Take measures toprotect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun with a mineral-based sunscreen
    4. Avoid toxins and poisons the age skin, that includes from second hand smoke; it’s so bad for skin. 
    5. And enjoy a tall glass ofSmarter Collagen each day 

    It really comes down to these five things, and most of them are not just for your skin. They’re smarter for your overall body too! For those of you not familiar with Smarter Skin Collagen, keep reading to find out why it’s different than other collagens on the market. But first, here are a few fun skin facts that may surprise you. 

    Skin Health Trivia

    True or False? You don’t need to use sunscreen on a cool or cloudy day, or if you are in the shade, car or office.

    The answer is,false. A lot of people think that it’s true, and don’t worry about sunscreen when it doesn’t feel sunny. Here’s why that’s not the case. 

    The UV rays that cause sunburn — known as UVB rays — can reach the skin through a window or by reflecting off of something. Think of how the sun fades old furniture or your carpet; it can do the same to your skin!

    Actually, dermatologists recommend using a safe, natural sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day – including on days when it’s cool, or even cloudy. Believe it or not, nearly 80% of harmful UV rays can pass right through clouds, fog, and even smog!  

    Exposure to these UV rays causes damage to the collagen and elastin needed to keep your skin strong and flexible. That’s why you need both internal and external protection from UV rays. Protect yourself on the outside with a safe, natural, mineral-based sunscreen, and from the inside by supplementing withSmarter Skin Collagen.

    True or False? Drinking eight glasses of water a day will keep wrinkles away. 

    Well, the research-based answer is... false. That doesn’t mean proper hydration isn’t beneficial for your skin. When you don’t drink enough water it does result in dehydration, which affects your whole body, including your skin. However, dehydration doesn’t necessarily lead to the development of permanent wrinkles. Regardless, it’s important for your skin to be hydrated, so you should make sure to drink enough water every day — but what’s really behind those wrinkles is lost collagen!

    True or False? Sleeping on the same side can make your skin age faster and cause more wrinkles.

    Believe it or not… the answer to this one is...True!  

    We know that weneed sleep in order for our skin to grow and repair itself. Sleep is one of the most important things we can do for ouroverall health — and especially for the health of our skin. But sleeping on the same side of your face night after night and year after year can actually cause your face to age more rapidly. Think of it like accidentally ironing a wrinkleinto a shirt (not out of a shirt); do that over and over, every day, and eventually what happens? The wrinkle becomes deeper, stronger, and more permanent. It becomes part of that shirt.

    Now think of the skin on your face like that shirt — by laying your face in the same position over and over every night, you are physically causing your skin to wrinkle. Over time, the collagen in the affected skin starts to weaken and reposition itself, and as a result, circulation to the skin may also be slowed — both of which cause the wrinkle in your skin to become more prominent. 

    So what can you do? Try to sleep on your back if possible. This is great not only to prevent wrinkles, but to prevent other issues that can arise as a result of elevating your neck with a pillow. If you have a hard time learning to sleep on your back, try sleeping without a pillow. It will not only help keep your skin from looking older, it will also alleviate pressure on your head and neck, and help yourposture by promoting better alignment.

    What Causes Premature Skin Aging

    Our skin starts to age as soon as we are born, but we rarely, if ever, think about it in our teens or 20s. That’s because we can’t see it. We only start to be concerned with premature aging when we see those fine lines, sun spots, wrinkles and loose skin starting to develop, which usually begins in our late 20s, 30s, and definitely in our 40s and beyond.

    Take a look at this comparison of young and aged skin:

    As we get older, starting in our late 20’s, the cells in our skin begin to weaken as a result of constant exposure to toxins and free radicals. While our skin’s ability to repair and renew also starts to slow down, we typically see wrinkles first starting to show more and more in our 30s and early 40s. That’s because collagen, which keeps your skin firm, and elastin, which keeps skin bouncing back, both start to break down. Without this support, skin becomes thinner, which also contributes to fine lines, more wrinkles, sagging skin, and general aging. And all these things are aggravated even more by a poor diet,chronic inflammation,stress, and exposure to UV rays, cigarette smoke, andharmful environmental toxins.  

    After age 20, your body will produce 1.5% less skin collagen each year — and that percentage only increases as you age! By age 40, your body is producing 25% less collagen than in your 20s, and by age 60, you’re producing a shocking 50% less collagen!

    Where Smarter Skin Collagen Comes In

    Replacing your lost collagen with a high-qualitytype 1 collagen, the type of collagen that makes up 80% of your skin’s collagen, can help prevent the signs of premature aging. But it needs to be in supplement form — you can’t use a skin cream for collagen because collagen can’t be absorbed through your skin.  

    Unfortunately, most collagen peptide powders use the wrong type of collagen. Smarter’s Skin Collagen, is designed to target skin, hair and nails. It’s not for your joints or anything else. 

    Smarter Skin Collagen is a complete, clinically formulated skin complex, with 10 select all-natural ingredients. Designed with input from leading dermatologists, Smarter Skin Collagen is formulated to address all factors — both internal and external — that cause your skin to age prematurely, including preventing the degradation of collagen, elastin and hydration that is essential for skin to look and feel young again.

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