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How Aging is Viewed In Different Cultures

When we’re younger, we can’t wait to be older. But when we’re older, we wish we were younger. Part of the human condition, especially in western cultures, is wishing for what we don’t have and then being surprised that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be when we have it.

But not every culture views aging as an unfortunate event. Rather than dreading their next birthday, many cultures look forward to getting older because of the wisdom and knowledge that comes with life experience. Some cultures even believe their elders have special powers.

Western Views on Aging

In the ‘80s, the band Alphaville sang the slow, melancholy words, “I want to be forever young.” It’s a sentiment many people in western cultures agree with and a goal they aspire to achieve. From workout programs, to expensive skincare regimens and injections, to surgeries, some people will stop at nothing to keep their young looks. The adverse reaction to aging is partly due to the high degree of importance western cultures place on young people. Originally, Protestant values encouraged this way of thinking because they prized the ability to contribute actively to the community through work and social activities.

However, western cultures aren’t completely devoid of the respect and trust of older people. The average age of US Presidents is 54 and Supreme Court justices is 53.

Eastern Views on Aging

Eastern Views on Aging

The Chinese philosopher Confucius promoted a positive view of aging. Those in China, Japan, and Korea tend to follow these ideals and younger generations generally view their elders with understanding and reverence. While some eastern cultures are taught this way of thinking, others listen to their elders out of necessity. For example, one woman in New Guinea was the last living person who witnessed a typhoon that devastated her community. They relied on her to provide guidance as to which plants they could survive on should another disaster occur.

There are many customs in different parts of the world that confer special attention and respect on aging populations:

  • Asian Cultures: Adult children in China, Japan, and Korea commonly invite their parents to live with them when they reach a certain age. In China specifically, they have an Elderly Rights Law that requires children to visit their parents frequently or they could be fined or spend time in jail.
  • Hawaii: Kūpuna, the Hawaiian word for elders, insinuates knowledge, experience, and expertise. Hawaiian grandmothers are specifically looked up to for their knowledge and skills in creating traditional accessories like leis.
  • Ecuador: The Huaorani community in Ecuador believes their elderly spiritual guides, called mengatoi, have special powers that allow them to transform into jaguars. They often sit with those who are sick to channel animal spirits to help them feel better.
  • Greek island of Ikaria: Residents live their lives to the fullest — literally and figuratively. Their favorite activities include staying up late, eating Kalamata olives, drinking mountain tea, and swimming. More curiously, the people who live on Ikaria were found to be 4 times more likely to live to be 90 than Americans, and even after being diagnosed with cancer or heart disease they live 8 to 10 years longer.

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