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Men's Vitality Bundle

Men's Vitality Bundle

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Men's Vitality Bundle

Men's Vitality Bundle

We curated this bundle of products that work well together to deliver maximum wellness benefits, specifically for men.

Most multivitamin supplements on the market provide excessive (potentially harmful) levels of certain vitamins and suboptimal amounts of key minerals. Informed by this insight, we formulated Smarter Multi to provide beneficial amounts of vitamins & minerals for men in a convenient daily pack form.

Ubiquinol is CoQ10 in its active form. Most CoQ10 supplements contain ubiquinone, which is the same coenzyme but in its inactive form. The body has to convert ubiquinone into ubiquinol in order to initiate its antioxidant activity. Smarter Ubiquinol contains the active form of this powerful health-enhancing antioxidant. Unlike most CoQ10 supplements on the shelves, there’s no need for the body to convert it after you take it, so it’s ready to go to work right away.

The problem is most supplement companies don't know how - or don't care - to make curcumin truly bioavailable using natural "clean" ingredients. Smarter Curcumin is not just different.. it's better! We formulate our product with bioavailability and absorption in mind, which REQUIRES certain components that most curcumin brands don't include, or can't deliver. Smarter Curcumin works to deliver heart and inflammatory health benefits, which is key to optimal men's wellness.

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