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What is Bio-Hacking and How Can It Help Your Health?

Bio-hacking may sound sci-fi and futuristic, but it is just a term that health gurus use to describe self-experimentation in order to push the envelope on improving health. Biohacking specialists have developed thousands of followers who have tried to reverse the damage done by the unhealthy parts of contemporary life using simple science. Still sounds a little hokey and nebulous? The truth is that you have probably been doing some form of bio-hacking your entire life, without realizing it. 

Bio-hacking is simply listening to your body and then making changes appropriate to what your body tells you. Here are some ways to take it to bio-hacking to the next level!

How You Have Used Bio-Hacking in the Past

When you eat a certain food and it upsets your stomach three or four times consecutively, you stopped eating that food. That’s a bio-hack. When you wake up in the morning feeling foggy because you drank one too many glasses of wine the previous night, and you make the decision to drink less next time, that’s a bio-hack, too. You’re using your own body as a ‘thermometer’ for performance and making changes appropriately.

When you take a B vitamin pill and eat a healthy meal before you consume alcohol, that’s a next-level type of bio-hack that should give you better results. You’ll find that your own body responds better to what you drink and you experience fewer adverse symptoms.

The point here is that you can go to the health gurus for more advanced bio-hack tips, but you should do your own basic bio-hacks too, based on the new knowledge you are getting constantly on health — if you practice.

Top Bio-Hacking Tips You Could Use to Get Started

In the meantime, here are some interesting bio-hack suggestions from a few leaders in the food and health industry:

Use a Biofeedback Device

Beat stress and anxiety with science-based technology with the HeartMath programmable device to take charge of how you feel. The device has a sensor on it that may be clipped onto your earlobe and collar.

It monitors the physiological changes that are happening within your body and contributing to anxiety. It’s a biofeedback type of device that you use daily for a period of time that it takes you to reprogram your body and experience positive, heartfelt emotions. Check it out.

By training your heart with a heart rate variability device that balances your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, you may end up getting more sleep at night, and feeling more like yourself. In theory, you end up using your brain to help change your blood pressure, heart rate and other physiological measures.

What’s really exciting about this bio-hack is that by you regaining your composure in stressful situations, you may also affect others in the same room and help them to relax.

Blue Blocking Glasses

All smart devices, screens and most indoor lighting, including airplane cabin lights, emit blue lights that not only cause eyes to strain but can cause headaches and prevent melatonin from being made in the body. The blue hue is fine for the day time and is the same blue you see in the sky, but artificial blue light from electronic devices or from fluorescent lights over a prolonged amount of time can cause eyes and the neurons in the brain to tire. Using these devices too close to bedtime can disrupt sleep. Blue blocking glasses are made of orange, red, or yellow lenses and block out blue light which relaxes the eyes and brain neurons.These glasses are great for night-time reading.


Learn to breathe intentionally. Studies show that ten minutes per day of conscious breathing will reset your nervous system in about 40 days.

Are You Eating Enough Healthy Fats?

Don’t neglect eating fat or maybe even try a ketogenic diet. Healthy fat protects the cell membranes and is a source for your body’s reproductive hormones.

Get Your Sleep Right

At, you can get a sleep device that tells you how what you do daily affects your sleep at night. Sleep devices like this one helps you with a charted graph of your sleep cycles and patterns so you can adjust what is not working for you and get better quality sleep overtime.

Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting involves eating only during a 12-hour period of the day. If you eat your last meal at 7 pm, intermittent fasting means you won’t eat anything again until 7 am in the morning. Some people extend the period of intermittent fasting to 14 or 16 hours instead of 12 hours so they can reap benefits for weight loss.

As a secondary bio-hack, clean your diet of all sugar and leave your carbohydrate levels restricted to 60 grams for the day. You should burn up to one pound of fat per day – and it’s so pleasurable to see the scale move every morning.

Use Food Powerfully.

Decide what your goal is – is it to beat inflammation, boost immunity, strengthen your bones, improve heart function, increase hair growth, eliminate insulin resistance or diabetes, optimize your gut flora, or eliminate heavy metals? Each of these necessitates the use of different foods. Smart use of diet and supplement can make a big difference.

Decrease Your Electromagnetic Fields

This is one of Dr. Klinghardt’s favorite bio-hacks. He’s a top medical doctor who uses functional medicine for patients that are suffering from chronic disease. He finds that people with autoimmune disorders and those who get infections frequently improve rapidly once the electromagnetic fields they are exposed to during the day and night are more conducive to health. Read more about it and decide if it’s worth trying for your health goals.

Bio-hacking can be interesting and fun. Why not give it a try? Get started on your bio-hacks as soon as you can. You’re never too old to start.

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