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Top US Holistic Nutritionist reveals for the first time: Why I Don’t Supplement With Turmeric Anymore

By Dr. Nancy Lin, PhD
Holistic Nutritionist

Whether you’re eating turmeric raw, as a supplement, or just considering taking it, I encourage you to read about my shocking discovery below.

My research could mean the difference between getting ALL or FEW of turmeric’s proven health benefits.

If you’ve seen my videos, you know I’ve touted the healing benefits of turmeric--and specifically itsbioactive compound curcumin, for years.

Long before it became a fad, I’ve written and talked extensively about how it’s more powerful than Big Pharma’s synthetic drugswithout the side effects.

However,I do not advocate taking typical turmeric supplements or even raw turmeric at the grocery store.

You see, in spite of all of turmeric’s health benefits, scientists have established that it has one major drawback:

Turmeric is very difficult for our bodies to absorb

In order to unlock turmeric's incredible healing benefits, three “keys” are required:

  • Isolating turmeric’s bioactive healing compound, curcumin...
  • Taking the right dose to effect the result you want...
  • And, perhaps most important of all, usinga delivery mechanism that gets the turmeric’s healing nutrition to your cells.

Unfortunately, the majority of turmeric supplements, even the name brand expensive ones...

  • Pass through your system, un-absorbed by the body...
  • Do NOT get to your cells, where they’re needed most...
  • And they do NOT cross your blood-brain barrier, keeping your brain from benefiting from turmeric’s healing compounds.

That means even though turmeric is one of the most powerful healing herbs on the planet... even with over 6500 scientific studies proving its effectiveness...turmeric’s health benefits are still locked away.

Until now...

Turmeric Delivers Over 619 Known Health Benefits

Tumeric delivers no less than619 ESSENTIAL BENEFITS for just about everything you can imagine.

In a number of clinical trials prove turmeric is more powerful than popular treatments in your medicine cabinet (without the side effects,) such as...

Good Cholesterol Levels

Proof: In a study published in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, animals were given curcumin and a popular cholesterol solution over 18 weeks.

Thecurcumin did better at supporting healthy cholesterol levels and gave no side effects.[1]

Greater Joint Comfort

Published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, knee joint patients were given either a popular joint treatment or curcumin.

Over the course of six weeks, both groups sawthe exact same support of healthy joints, but there was one difference:the curcumin group saw zero side effects.[2]

Sharp Vision and Healthy Eyes

Researchers treated patients with vision problems using curcumin in one group and a popular eyesight therapy in the other.

In three months, 100% of patients taking curcumin saw healthy middle layers of eyeball tissue. The other group only saw 86% success. What’s more, a follow-up done three years later found the curcumin group had greater long-term eye health support, and with no side effects.[3]

More Upbeat Mood

In the Journal of Phytotherapy Research, researchers split up patients into three groups, giving one curcumin; one a popular mood booster; and the other a combination of the two.

In the span of six weeks,curcumin and the popular mood booster worked equally well, butthe combination of the two did better with fewer side effects.[4]

Healthy Glucose Levels

Auburn University researchers compared curcumin to a popular blood sugar solution in their ability to balance glucose levels.

They foundcurcumin was a stunning 10,000 times more powerful at supporting healthy glucose, and with no side effects.[5]

Normal Erectile Function

In a study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, researchers treated animals in three groups: curcumin, a best-selling erectile solution and a combination of the two.

They foundthe curcumin group and the combination group“could enhance erectile function with more efficacy and more prolonged duration of action.” [6]

The list goes on and on.

This is just a small sample of what turmeric/curcumin can do for you better--and safer--than anything else...

Here’s the catch:

These kinds of benefits are only possible IF the turmeric is actually absorbed by the body...

Fortunately, based upon my research and experience, there’s a way andthat’s to combine a 3mg daily dose of curcumin with oil.

Why oil?

Curcumin is what's called a "fat-soluble" compound. Meaning it has to be delivered with a fat source,so you get enough of it into your bloodstream to achieve the health benefits you want.

However, when it comes to bioavailability,not just any fat will do.

We’ve foundblack cumin seed oil works best because it allows your body to absorb the curcumin, and it further supports your body's healthy immune and inflammatory responses too.

In fact, black cumin seed oil may be the most compatible ingredient to curcumin in existence.

Now you may ask...

“Why not use fish oil, which is also an essential fatty acid?”

The reason I do not use other essential fatty acids is becauseI believe in vegan living. No animal products whatsoever.

And black cumin seed oil multiplies curcumin’s multitude of benefits...

  • Lengthens lifespan by 25%. That’s the equivalent of adding 15-20 years to your life on average!- Age Journal[7]
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels. 100% of people taking curcumin had a healthier response to insulin.- Journal of Diabetes Care[8]
  • Equals one hour of daily aerobic exercise for better heart health.  - Journal of Nutrition Research[9]
  • Support hassle-free, smooth digestion. Two-thirds of patents taking curcumin experience healthy gut performance.- Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine[10]
  • Boosts working memory, reduced mental fatigue and enhanced mood… in one hour.[11]
  • Supports joint comfort and easy, pain-free mobility. People taking curcumin saw pain scores drop by 60%... and stiffness scores dropped by 73%[12]...
  • Supports healthy blood pressure levels. - Journal of Renal Nutrition [13]
  • Supports sharp vision and healthy eyes. 100% of the people who took curcumin saw support for middle layers of eyeball tissue. -Journal of Phytotherapy Research[14]
  • Supports healthy triglyceride levels. Patients taking curcumin saw pain scores drop by 60%... and stiffness scores drop by 73%.  - Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine [15]
  • Reduces risk of a sudden cardiac event by 56% - American Journal of Cardiology [16]

And much, much more...

Because few nutrition companies understand the importance of combining curcumin and oil, let alone black seed cumin oil,there’s ONLY ONE company that formulates it--Smarter Nutrition.

I encourage you to try it for yourself.

Given this technology is brand new, right now Smarter Nutrition has a special opportunity for first-time customers.

My experience, as well as those of my patients and followers on social media, is ifyou’re looking for the optimal benefits curcumin has to offer YOU NEEDcurcumin with the black seed cumin oil delivery systemto achieve those results.


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