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Top Fitness Trends for 2019

Ready for the hottest fitness trends will be seeing in 2019? Every year, the American College of Sports Medicine surveys thousands of personal trainers and other health and fitness experts to find out what they believe the next fitness trends will be. Here are the predictions for 2019...

1. Functional Fitness Training Routines

This type of training looks at your body as a functional machine. In order to achieve optimal functionality for your day-to-day life, you need more than just the ability to lift weights Your body needs strength, balance, coordination and also endurance. Functional fitness training routines will encompass all of these areas.

2. Bodyweight Training

The day will come when you won’t have to depend on the gym for expensive equipment to get you toned. You can learn how with bodyweight training.  This means that your own body weight becomes the resistance you need to develop your muscles. Some gyms already have classes on this – so join them and see what it’s all about. Bodyweight training is great to do when you’re traveling and makes working out while traveling much more convenient (plus, it takes away our excuses not to!).

3. Online Group Training

Fitness pros believe that working out in groups of more than five people could progress to online group workout classes this year.

4. High Intensity Interval Training

    Doing short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by rest is known as “high intensity interval training”. The beauty of these sessions is that they only take 15-30 minutes – because that’s all they need. These exercise sessions are the epitome of efficiency. Why work out for 60 minutes when you only need 15?

    5. Fitness Programs Tailored to Your Age

    This next year, you’ll see a lot more fitness programs suitable for baby boomers who are 60 and older. If you’re in this group, you know your needs are different than people in their 20s and 30s. For example, you may need to focus more on improving bone strength, decreasing body fat, and increasing muscle mass.

    6. Yoga

    Yoga has already been on the top list of fitness trends for several years and it’s staying on top in 2019. Experts also expect the combination of yoga and Pilates called Yogilates and power yoga to trend this year. These exercises are excellent for whole-body wellness, focus, core strength, and much more.

    7. More Health Care Experts Recommending Exercise

    Why this hasn’t happened on a wider scale until now is a bit mind-boggling, but it’s finally becoming more common. You can expect your doctor to possibly partner with a fitness expert and include a prescription for exercise in your healthcare diagnosis.

    8. More People Using Personal Trainers

      Personal trainers have been around for decades now but more and. more people are catching on and taking advantage of this great resource. For people who need or prefer personal attention and can afford the added expense, finding an expert personal trainer with a proven track record may be exactly what you need to meet your fitness goals.

      9. More Programs Available to Train Fitness Professionals

        With the greater demand for highly qualified fitness professionals comes a greater number of training programs and certifications available to the industry.

        10. Wearable Technology

          With the recent improvements in biohacking, there’s more demand for quick ways to monitor what’s really happening in your body on a minute by minute basis. This year you’ll see even more smart watches, heart rate variability devices, and technological upgrades to find and use to your advantage. Technology can be an amazing tool to help you understand what your body needs and how well you’re meeting your goals.

          These are the top 10 trends predicted by the fitness industry. But there’s more! Digging deeper with both nutritionists and psychologists we also found these 6 predicted 2019 trends that you may want to check out:

          1. Incorporating Oxygen Boosting Activities into Your Daily Routines

            More people are discovering the advantages of using breathwork to advance their level of fitness.

            2. Incorporating Fitness into the Workplace (if you start it at your desk)

            Smart innovators have developed new chair designs that can counter the negative effects sitting, and others have created tools like stationary bike pedals you can use under your desk. Plus, many companies are starting to incorporate gyms into their facilities or gym memberships as an employment benefit.

            3. Syncing Your Diet with Your Genome

              One-size-fits-all diet techniques may look antiquated in 2019. DNA testing may give you more information about your specific genes and tell you exactly which way you can eat to get your ideal body in record time. This type of testing is called whole genome testing.

              4. Attacking Stress Head On

              Look for new methods to combat stress in 2019 that will show you it’s possible to actually reset the stress mechanism physiologically. For a sneak peak about a method that physically resets how your body perceives stress,

              5. Going Beyond Fitness Hacks to a More Comprehensive Upgrade

                It’s not enough to be physically fit while your relationships are falling apart or you have no spiritual life. Learning to balance all three will be a trend this year.

                6. Desiring and Doing Low Level Activity All Day Long

                  Doing your 10,000 steps and crossing them off the list is great, but it’s not all your body needs. Goal setting to incorporate low impact and low level moving activity (body movement) throughout the day adds up. Your overall caloric expenditure will help raise metabolism.

                  We hope that 2019 brings a new level of fitness and happiness in your life!

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