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The Best DIY Massage Techniques

"If you don’t have the opportunity to get a massage from a professional masseuse as often as you like, don’t worry; you can do it yourself."

Achy back, neck, shoulders or feet and would love to get a massage but find it too expensive – then do it yourself!

In today’s live show with Dr. Nancy Lin PhD, holistic nutritionist, Dr. Nancy demonstrates the top at-home, do-it-yourself massage techniques. Follow along with Dr. Nancy and feel better from head to toe!

Video Highlights

  • 3:38: Health Benefits of Massage
  • 5:45: At home self massage techniques
  • 8:54: My Feet are Killing Me Massage
  • 13:04: Tension Headache Massage
  • 16:12: Low Back Pain Massage
  • 20:14: OMG I’m so Stressed clench jaw massage
  • 24:32: I sat on my butt all day
  • 26:13: My legs hurt from using them massage
  • 27:58: Stiff neck and aching shoulders massage
  • 30:39: Wrap Up

Health Benefits of Massage

Massage can provide so many health benefits, such as:

  • A way to reduce stress
  • Relieve symptoms of pain associated with health issues including arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions causing muscle and joint pain
  • A way to improve blood flow and circulation in the body
  • A way to help muscles and soft tissues to repair more quickly
  • A great way to promote overall health and wellness

Massage is becoming more accepted as a treatment option. In fact, insurance sometimes cover massage therapy, if you can show that massage is being used to treat a medical condition, or if it’s a part of chiropractic care. Massages cost anywhere from $30, to $200 and up depending on the place you go to. It’s worth to check and see if massages are covered as part of your health insurance plan.

At-Home Self-Massage Techniques

If you don’t have the opportunity to get a massage from a professional masseuse as often as you like, don’t worry; you can do it yourself. We all know that simply trying to rub your own shoulders isn’t very effective, but there are still a number of massage techniques that you can do right in the comfort of your own home or in your office. Here are some of the best at-home self-massage techniques. For some of these massages, you’re going to need a foam roller, two tennis balls, lacrosse balls or an acupressure ball, as well as your favorite essential oil like lavender. You also might want to use a yoga mat.

“My Feet are Killing Me” Massage

The best part of this little massage is that you can do it secretly, and almost anywhere. You can even do it underneath your desk at work! Use a regular tennis ball, or the spiky acupressure ball. While you’re sitting down, step on the ball with your bare feet or socks. Basically, roll the ball from your toe to your heel, from the front to the back, with back and forth action while applying a firm pressure. However, do not use a lot of pressure and flatten the ball completely. If anywhere feels particularly painful or tender, work those knots out by rolling in small circles. You can wax-on and wax-off or you can just use the forward and backwards motion, kind of rocking in a ship. If you need more pressure, or you feel like you’re just not getting enough out of it, then you can do this while you’re standing instead of sitting. This allows you to lean into it a bit more.

Tension Headache Massage.

This massage is going to help relieve tension in your neck and head, often caused by poor posture, like when you crane your neck while texting, or when you slouch your head forward when working at a computer. To do this massage, lie on your back with your legs bent, knees facing up to the sky. Hold your tennis balls in each hand between your thumb and your forefinger and then rest your hands behind your head, so that the tennis balls are on either side of the base of the neck. Alternate between shaking your head and rocking your head side to side, then tucking and lifting it. This is a really great way to relieve any of those neck tensions.

Low Back Pain Massage

The low back pain self-massage is going to really help relieve the tenderness and pain in your lower back due to inflammation. For this massage, you are going to use the tennis balls or your foam roller, whichever you prefer. Lie on your back with your legs bent and your feet flatly planted on the ground, so your knees are pointed to the sky. Place both of the two tennis balls underneath your lower back, where your sacrum is. The sacrum is that large triangular bone at the base of your spine that meets the hip bone. Once you are there, raise and lower your hips and knead the area while rolling from side to side. You can raise one leg and alternate while doing this.

Another lower back pain massage can be done by hugging your knees in while lying down on your back. Bring your knees up to your chest and give yourself a hug and rock side to side very slowly. You can also do the happy baby, by opening up your legs and rubbing from the outside of your feet and pulling down your legs, your thighs down to the ground and rocking side to side. That really helps to release your lower back. Take deep breaths while doing this.

“OMG I’m so Stressed” Clench Jaw Massage.

Whether we know it or not, we tend to clench our jaw when we’re stressed. This can give you a headache and a sore or aching jaw. This type of massage is ideal for right when you wake up or anytime you’re feeling anxious, or at night before bed. All you need is your fingers! Use the pads of your fingers to press underneath your cheek bones, starting at the apples of your cheeks and moving toward the outside of your face. You can add some essential oils to your fingers and massage the cheek bones. Open and close your mouth as you press up into your cheek. Keep on working your way all the way up to your temples. When you are almost to your temples but not quite, press your thumb underneath your jaw bone and pull your fingers down your face. Remember to still open and close your mouth. You get that entire fascia all in your face. The face has a lot of different muscles and it’s a good way to also get your face messaged. Repeat the same movement along your jaw towards your chin all the way down.

“I Sat On My Butt All Day” Glutes Massage

If you are having sore glutes from sitting behind a desk all day, this is an ideal massage. Sit on the ground with your legs bent and your hands resting on the ground behind you and with a tennis ball or a foam roller under your glutes. Roll back and forth to get to your glutes and the outer parts of your glutes and the IT band as well. Make sure you breathe when doing this. This is a great massage for stimulating blood flow to the inner and outer glutes and it is also a great way to work the sciatic nerve. This is the nerve that runs from your spinal column over your glutes, all the way down your legs.

“My Legs Hurt From Using Them” Massage

If you’re on the move a lot, if you are active you also probably experience tightness in your IT band. This is the tissue that runs from the side of your hip all the way down past your knees. This massage uses your foam roller to really get a deep tissue massage in your hips and quads. You can also use this with the tennis balls. Sit on the foam roller, so that it is under each side of the bottom. Roll back and forth to get your glutes and the outer parts of your glutes, on the side and the IT band as well.

Stiff Neck And Aching Shoulders Massage

Doing a self-massage on the neck and shoulders is a bit tricky. To do this, stand up with your tennis ball between the wall and your shoulder. You can also use an acupressure ball. Raise and lower your arm and move it around above your head slowly while shifting your head from side to side. Experiment with the ball in different positions along your neck and your shoulder. Don’t be afraid to move it around and experiment with your massage. Lean into it and shift your body into it while pushing your weight into the wall.

A lot of inflammation will bring a lot of pain and aches throughout the body. If you find that you are getting more and more aches and pains throughout the day, and these are accumulating throughout the months, make sure to take your Smarter Curcumin because this is one of the best, natural ways to encourage normal inflammation responses and support joint and muscle health. Supplement everyday with this powerful ingredient.

Wrap Up

Message is quickly becoming accepted treatment for a number of chronic health issues including as a way of reducing stress and improving circulation, reducing muscle tension and aches and pains, eliminating toxins, improving flexibility, improving sleep quality, strengthening your immune system, and reducing fatigue.

Studies show that there are at least 100 to 125 different types of messages. Messages from a professional usually run anywhere from $35 to $200 plus per hour. It is worth making a call to your health insurance provider to see if they cover all or even a portion of massage for medical reasons.

There are also a great number of simple head to toe massages that you can do right at home just by using a few tennis balls, foam roller, or acupressure ball. Make sure you give some of these a try. It will be fun!

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