The # 1 Thing That Ages You Faster — And How to Fight It

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People talk about getting older like it’s a bad thing. But don’t believe them. This can be one of the best chapters of your life.

By now, you’ve paid your dues. You’ve been around the block and learned a thing or two. You’re smarter and more confident. You’ve had solid successes and developed wonderful relationships.

This is the part where you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors. So the last thing you need at this point is a body that doesn’t want to play anymore.

Now that you’ve found your groove, why should you have to feel stiff, sore, and slow?

Turns out, it’s not a law. We all age differently, and at different rates. In fact, you probably know people who seem as healthy, active and energetic as someone much younger.

People like my late grandmother, who played tennis every day into her seventies, competing against much younger players, and never went gray all that time!

Why do some people get better mileage out of their bodies? It’s not just good genes. Research shows that the aging process is hugely influenced by lifestyle factors within our own control.

Of course, it’s common knowledge that a healthier body will work better for longer. But how do you know which healthy habits will make the biggest difference?

Science is helping us to understand the aging process better than ever before. And while there is no single “cause” for aging, there is one thing that all age-related degenerative conditions seem to have in common.

It increases with age and appears to trigger a cascade of degenerative changes in the body, accelerating the aging process.

If you can reduce the impact of this one trigger, you can fight back against the aging process and keep your body feeling younger for longer. After all, why should youth be wasted on the young?

The #1 Aging Trigger: Inflammation

Not long ago, you could work in the garden all afternoon without feeling stiff and sore afterwards. Now, you find yourself grunting as you get out of your chair. Sound familiar?

For many of us, musculoskeletal and joint inflammation is the first red flag that we are getting older. It slows us down and gives us those aches and pains that we associate with an aging body.

But inflammation isn’t always this noticeable. Chronic, low-grade, whole-body inflammation can have very subtle symptoms — but very destructive consequences.

Inflammation is part of your body’s natural immune response. It’s triggered by illness and injury, as well as subtler threats like prolonged stress, environmental toxins, and cell debris.

Under normal circumstances, inflammation is temporary. It’s the sign of a targeted healing process, as your body rallies its forces to attack foreign invaders and repair damaged tissue.

But inflammation triggers add up as we get older, and our self-repair systems weaken. Sooner or later, the body becomes habituated to damage control mode and fails to turn it off.

That’s when the inflammatory response goes rogue. The result is a state of chronic, systemic inflammation that increases with age — an effect known as “inflammaging.”

This constant background of inflammation is quietly destructive. It causes progressive damage to cells and tissues, hastening the degeneration of the body.

Chronic inflammation puts the aging pedal to the metal. It contributes to most of the recognizable signs and symptoms of aging, from aged skin and physical frailty, and paves the way to more serious health risks.

We now know that chronic inflammation is behind most, if not all, age-related degenerative health conditions, including those that affect the heart, brain, bones, joints, and eyes.

In fact, a groundbreaking recent study identified inflammation as the #1 factor that influences longevity and predicts successful aging.

The study found that those with the lowest inflammation levels were the most likely to reach a ripe old age while remaining healthy, sharp, and independent.

The good news is that inflammation is not outside of our control. You can significantly reduce your inflammation levels by making smart lifestyle choices.

Taming the inflammation in your body can help slow the effects of aging, protect your long-term health, and improve your physical comfort and mobility.

It’s time to take control and start aging on your own terms. Follow these steps to fight back against inflammation:

How to Tame Your Inflammation

1. Choose an anti-inflammatory diet

Anti-inflammatory foods include leafy green veggies and fruits that are rich in antioxidants and fiber, as well as lean proteins that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, tuna, tofu, and soybeans.

Cut back on highly refined, processed foods such as white flour, sugar, and rice, as well as red meat and unhealthy fats like corn oil, since these will increase inflammation.

A great example of an anti-inflammatory diet is the Mediterranean diet, with its focus on fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seafood. Olive oil, garlic, and tomatoes are also anti-inflammatory.

It’s no coincidence that the cultures of the Mediterranean region have some of the best longevity and heart health rates in the world!

2. Trim the fat

Research has shown a strong correlation between excess belly fat and increased inflammation. We now know that these abdominal fat cells actually produce pro-inflammatory signals.

The good news is that you can reverse this trend, since weight loss has been shown to reduce inflammation. Just another good reason to lose some of your excess baggage!

3. Manage your stress

Your body responds to stress by releasing cortisol, a hormone that prepares you for “fight or flight.” One of the things cortisol does is help control your inflammatory response.

But when you are constantly stressed, your body becomes less sensitive to cortisol, until it can’t properly regulate inflammation. Higher stress levels ultimately lead to higher inflammation levels.

Make stress management a part of your regular healthy routine and do something every day to reduce stress. Spend time in nature and with loved ones. Practice meditation or do a soothing craft that you enjoy.

Regular exercise has also been shown to reduce stress hormones and boost mood. Think of exercise as stress adaptation: the more you do it, the less your body will interpret it as stressful.

4. Reduce your toxic load

Industrialization has filled our environment with toxic chemicals and heavy metals that put a burden on the immune system, produce harmful free radicals, and trigger inflammation.

While we can’t completely avoid these toxins, we can significantly reduce our daily exposure to them in our own homes. Look for “green” household cleansers and personal care products that use clean, natural ingredients.

Eat organically grown food whenever possible and drink filtered water. You might also want to help out your liver, which is your body’s own filter, by going easy on the alcohol.

5. Take an anti-inflammatory supplement

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can be temporarily effective at reducing inflammation, but they are not intended for ongoing use. The longer you use them, the higher your risk of experiencing negative side effects.

Luckily, natural anti-inflammatory supplements can be just as effective and are safe for long-term use. Supplements can give your body natural anti-inflammatory compounds in a much more potent form than you would get from food.

For example, curcumin, the active compound in turmeric root, is perhaps the most powerful anti-inflammatory in nature. Curcumin has been extensively researched and shows tremendous medicinal potential.

Curcumin fights inflammation at the molecular level, which is excellent for counteracting the kind of progressive inflammation that leads to premature aging. It is also highly effective for joint inflammation relief to improve physical comfort and mobility.

The curcumin content in raw turmeric is only about 2%, so you won’t get an effective dose just from turmeric. Instead, look for a curcumin supplement that’s standardized to 95% curcuminoids for maximum potency.

It’s also very important to find a curcumin supplement that’s optimized for your body. Curcumin is naturally hard for the body to absorb. Without help, only a small amount of curcumin actually makes it into your bloodstream, where it can be effective.

This explains why curcumin supplements don’t all work consistently, despite the demonstrated healing power of curcumin. A curcumin supplement just won’t be very effective unless it has the right ingredients to increase absorption and bioavailability.   

It Takes a Smarter Formula to Unlock the Full Power of Curcumin

Curcumin is one of the most promising natural medicines ever discovered — but it can’t work unless it is fully absorbed and active in the body. That’s why you need a Smarter Curcumin supplement that’s specifically designed to work with your body.

Smarter Curcumin is a breakthrough formula that works naturally with your metabolism to unlock the full power of curcumin. It delivers curcumin in its most potent and bioactive form, together with supporting ingredients that dramatically increase absorption.


Smarter Curcumin has 3 things that make it more effective:

1. Active Curcumin Metabolites

Curcumin must be metabolized and converted into an active form before it becomes effective in the body. Smarter Curcumin skips this step by giving you curcumin in its metabolically active form.

These active curcumin metabolites, called tetrahydro-curcuminoids, go to work instantly in the body, with nothing wasted in conversion. They are 250x more potent than a standard curcumin extract.

2. Herbal Bioenhancers

Bioenhancers are ingredients that increase the absorption of nutrients and medicines in the body. Smarter Curcumin uses three herbal extracts that work in harmony with curcumin to enhance its effect: ginger, astragalus, and ginseng.

Ginger is a traditionally known bioenhancer and a cousin of turmeric with its own anti-inflammatory benefits. Astragin is a combined extract of astragalus and ginseng that has been clinically shown to increase absorption by 92%.

3. Oil-Based Delivery

Curcumin is a fat-soluble nutrient, meaning that it is absorbed in the body through fat or oil. Yet most curcumin supplements still come in a dry powder form.

Smarter Curcumin is delivered in a unique oil-based capsule for easy uptake by the body. The curcumin is suspended in black seed oil, which is another source of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Smarter Curcumin is the most advanced, most active curcumin formula ever developed — and it’s making a big impact in people’s lives, as more and more people discover that smarter is better. In fact, Smarter Curcumin is the #1 curcumin supplement in America.

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