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We all know it can be really hard to stick to a diet or exercise routine, right? Sometimes it seems like we just don’t have the willpower to achieve our health or fitness goals. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Experts tell us there are actual action steps that can help improve willpower, especially when it comes to the foods that tempt us. Read on to discuss what willpower is and how to strengthen the willpower muscle so you can achieve your health goals.

Self-care should not be optional. We are so accustomed to trying to get everything done each day, that self-care seems selfish or flat-out impossible, but research shows that neglecting your mental and physical health can lead to anxiety, depression, and even chronic illness over time. Learn the top ways you can practice daily self-care, no matter how busy your day.

Unlike physical health issues, which are often obvious and have readily identifiable symptoms or pain sensations, mental and emotional well-being can be a bit more tricky.  With depression and suicide rates on the rise, it's more important than ever that we pay attention to these important aspects of our health. Let's take a look at some ways we can take action to better address our own mental and emotional stability.

Oysters can keep depression away? How could that possibly work?  Actually, it’s pretty simple. Oysters are loaded with seven key nutrients that fight depression. Get ready to learn how this superfood of the sea can help manage nutrient deficiencies and improve moods.

Want to be healthy, fit and happy? Learn these 5 simple steps from top life coaches. Simplifying your life is essential to your best health. It may seem like a little more work at first, but in the long run it's worth it!
Anxiety and depression affect millions of Americans daily. The good news is that there are natural steps people can take to help prevent or lessen anxiety and depression. Leading the way among natural remedies, is exercise. That's right... exercise. It’s more powerful than you may think when it comes to improving mood. Read on to find out what types of exercise will work best for you.
While breathing may sound so simple, being conscious of your breathing allows you to focus and better manage negative stress levels. Breathing is something that we all take for granted, but when you unleash your inner potential by consciously breathing each day, amazing physical and mental benefits can result.
Many experts now believe that there is a definite relationship between your microbiome (the bacterial balance in your gut) and brain function. This relationship helps to clarify the question, "Can poor gut health contribute to anger or anxiety?" This post will dive into how the bacteria in your gut are uniquely and emotionally tied to your brain’s central nervous system.
Exercising our brains and keeping them healthy through the use of computer and mobile device games, is a very popular and thriving business, especially for the brain game industry. But do brain games really work to protect your brain and to improve reasoning, memory, decision-making and concentration skills? Or are they just marketing mind games?

New studies are being done all over the world that have found yoga to be one of the best and most effective ways to melt away the most common mental health disorders, depression and anxiety, thanks in part to deep breathing. Find out why yoga is one of the best natural treatments out there for depression and anxiety.

The old wive's tale of needing to get at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep per night may be harder for the modern man or woman to obtain these days. Eight hours seems to be what most people need to wake up feeling refreshed. However, what if there were more direct benefits to sleep than just feeling well rested? Did you know that there is a powerful relationship between sleep and happiness?

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