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One in six Americans currently uses antidepressant medications. Knowing the side effects is an important and necessary part of weighing the risks and the benefits of these medications. Although antidepressants are sometimes necessary and helpful, the natural steps and options available to help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety are often not promoted like the prescription options.
Learn more about the side effects of antidepressants and effective natural options to consider as well.
More and more Americans aren’t getting nearly enough natural light, and during the colder and darker months some Americans may be getting next to none. How is this affecting our health?
Learn more about the dark truth behind natural light and depression.

Having a dog can change your life in so many different ways. Sure, we all know they can shower you in unconditional love, show you how to forgive and forget, and teach you responsibility and empathy. However, pet ownership has its downsides. Dogs can be a huge inconvenience when you want to travel on holiday. They can cause a variety of other issues from odors and messes in the house to barking and destroying property, and if they get sick or hurt can cost you an arm or leg at the vet’s visit. If you’ve ever asked yourself whether having a dog as a pet a good idea or an added stressor, here's our take on the answer!

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