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These ten, nutrient-rich foods can really make a difference in your health and appearance - supporting your immune system, enhancing your digestive health, promoting more natural energy, and even helping give your hair, skin, and nails that healthy glow!
Sugar is one of the most talked about subjects in health and fitness.  Cutting it out of your diet is extremely difficult because sugar is found in almost everything. It hides out in foods that you might never suspect.  And to make it worse, food companies can make you think that something is healthy, when it is actually jam packed with sugar. Here are seven leading hidden sources of sugar and how to avoid them.  
When battling sugar addictions and cravings, you need to have a solid plan! Not just because your brain is innately hardwired to love sugar. Your brain sees sugar as a great source of energy. So, the fact that you love sugar is not just a lack of your willpower after all—It’s nature. But you know you can’t have too much of the sweet stuff because it could lead to a whole host of uncomfortable symptoms. Read on and learn tips on how to finally break your sugar addiction.
What are lectins and why have they been in the health spotlight lately as a culprit to body inflammation, food sensitivities, weight gain and gut problems? Find out exactly what lectins are and if the controversy is really all it’s hyped up to be.
If you can speed up your metabolism doing three simple things each day, without resorting to spending all day at the gym and doing excruciating high intensity workouts, then you’d do them, right? Keep reading and you’ll see which habits to adopt to get your metabolism revved up and your weight down!  
The Paleo diet® embodies characteristics like simple, natural and wholesome in an easy to follow form that has millions of people on the trend bandwagon. From people who compete hard in Cross Fit Games to those who just want to lose weight and figure out their food sensitives, Paleo seems like a popular way that people are flocking to. Learn what the benefits are, why this diet has gained monumental popularity, and adherents’ take on the whole food diet.
Eggs have been demonized in so many ways, including being given the reputation of increasing your risk of heart disease and causes high cholesterol. Eggs have also been touted as an amazing lean protein source and is also great for the developing brain. No wonder so many people continue to question eating them as part of a healthy lifestyle and stay away. Find out once and for all if and why eggs are healthy to eat every day.

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