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Optimizing Curcumin Absorbability for Maximum Benefits

Curcumin may be one of the most health-packed nutrients found in nature, but if you’re taking a standard powder capsule then you’re most likely missing out on the benefits. A simple Google search reveals several studies about curcumin’s low bioavailability, which means that most of what we swallow is never absorbed and expelled in urine.

The reason why most curcumin supplements aren’t absorbed? It may come as a big surprise.

It’s a fact that curcumin is fat soluble, meaning it dissolves in fat. Without it, the curcuminoids (the most active compounds in curcumin) have an extremely difficult time making it into your bloodstream, where they exert the most powerful benefits.

Standard curcumin supplements in powders and tablets simply aren’t advanced enough to encapsulate absorption-boosting fat into their formulas, which critically reduces their bioavailability and effect. For consumers, that’s like the difference between taking a placebo and taking the real deal.

If you want to experience all the health benefits that curcumin has to offer, absorbability is the most crucial factor in determining whether or not your curcumin supplement will really work. But producing a curcumin supplement that includes a bio-enhancing fat presents a real challenge to the industry.

Most curcumin supplements are sold in a powder or tablet form is due largely to the use of outdated technology and the inability to produce a bioavailable product in large quantities at a low cost. This has created a real conundrum for the supplements industry, whose business is taking a hit as more science-based information becomes accessible to consumers.

Made by one of the most established and innovative manufacturers in the world, Smarter Nutrition Curcumin is one of the only brands able to overcome the barriers to absorption. Their cutting-edge technology in vegetarian softgel production allows them to sell a highly bioavailable liquid curcumin supplement at just a slightly higher price than inferior powdered products.

Using their proprietary encapsulation technology, Smarter Nutrition Curcumin is co-formulated with black cumin seed oil.

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