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Old-Time Remedies That Still Work

Did your grandmother always seem to have a special tea or elixir for whatever was ailing? How about a homemade buttermilk mask to help reduce age spots? Eating an apple a day? You may have heard of these and other old fashioned home remedies, but the question is, do any of them actually work? Believe it or not – many of them do!

Researchers and medical experts have weighed in — here are a few popular old-time remedies that we should still be using today. And the best part? They’re all natural!

Oatmeal Bath To Heal Itchy Skin And Other Skin Ailments

If you happen to suffer frompsoriasis oreczema, itchy and irritated skin is the bane of your existence. It might sound strange to bathe in breakfast foods, but soaking in an oatmeal bath can be very soothing for irritated or dry skin. According to the National Eczema Foundation, oatmeal baths can be very beneficial for those that suffer from the condition. When the oats are soaked in warm water, they create a film that coats the skin, moisturizing and protecting it. Be sure to only pat your skin dry instead of rubbing when you get out of the tub. This will prevent you from rubbing off the film. And try adding soothing essential oils for additional benefits. 

Apples For Cleaning Teeth

You might have heard the old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but it really should say “dentist” instead. The crunchy flesh of the apple acts as a wonderful natural toothbrush. The apple’s skin is very fibrous so it’s great at scrubbing off any plaques and stains like coffee or wine. Just keep in mind that apples are high in sugar as well as acid — both of which are damaging to teeth — so be sure to rinse your mouth with water afterward. What a tasty way to clean your teeth! 

Erase Age Spots With Buttermilk

It would be easy to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive skin creams that promise incredible results these days. But why do that when you can just pick up some buttermilk at the grocery store? Buttermilk is a rich byproduct of butter, which contains both lactic and ascorbic acid. Studies have shown that this combination of acids together lightens age spots better than just lactic acid alone. All you need to do is apply a bit of buttermilk to a cotton ball, dab the dark spots on your skin, then rinse with water after 20 minutes. Continue to do this nightly until you have desired results.

Blackberry Tea For Diarrhea

Nothing is worse than having an upset stomach, especially if it involves diarrhea. Thankfully, there is a natural and delicious way to help ease that discomfort. Blackberries are rich in tannins which are substances that tighten the mucous membranes in the intestines. They’ve been used for generations to treat issues such as diarrhea. Making blackberry tea is quite simple. Boil one or two tablespoons of fresh (or frozen) blackberries or dried blackberry leaves in 12 ounces of water. Boil for ten minutes then strain. Drink the tea several times throughout the day until your symptoms subside. Add some honey if you’re looking for a bit more sweetness.

Valerian Herb For When You Can’t Sleep

What might sound like an ingredient in the recipe for a witch’s potion is actually a miracle herb when it comes to treatinginsomnia. Studies have shown that valerian, a flowering herb, can help people fall asleep without that drowsy, groggy feeling that many medications leave people with in the morning. In fact, the plant blinds the same receptors in your brain the same way that tranquilizers do. Head to your local natural grocery store and purchase some valerian tincture or try valerian root tea. Take either one and a half teaspoons of the tincture half an hour before bed.

Drink Horehound Tea For A Sore Throat

A lesser-known plant in the mint family, horehound, can help reduce inflamed tissue in your throat when it’s consumed as tea. The plant also helps thin out mucus, which makes it much easier for you to clear your throat. Now, you can swallow and breathe without any issues. Simply chop up two teaspoons of the fresh herb and steep it in one cup of boiling water. Boil for ten minutes, strain, and sip slowly.

Soothe Tooth And Gum Pain With Clove Oil

Dentists say that clove oil can be effective at soothing an inflamed tooth. That’s because clove oil contains bacteria-fighting properties and it also provides a numbing effect. Of course, this should be a temporary fix until you’re able to see a dentist for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. However, in the meantime, mix a few drops of olive oil along with a couple drops of clove oil. You can swish the mixture in your mouth or apply directly to the painful area.

Get Rid Of Varicose Veins With Horse Chestnut

Chestnuts are a popular treat during the holidays — eating them roasted is a nostalgic experience for many. However, horse chestnuts also happen to be fantastic for treating painfulvaricose veins. The extract in a horse chestnut seed improves the elasticity in your blood vessels and strengthens the valves inside the veins. This is all thanks to a chemical called aescin. Try taking 250 mg of horse chestnut seed extract, found at your local health store, two times a day for three months.

Prevent Kidney Stones With Lemon Juice

Kidney stones are truly terrible — you shouldn’t wish them on your worst enemy. The most common type of kidney stones form when oxalate (found in many foods including bran, French fries, and spinach) builds up in the urine and adheres to calcium, which then forms small crystals. But drinking four ounces of lemon juice may prevent this crystallization. Researchers say that the citric acid is the magic ingredient here. Although drinking four ounces of lemon juice seems like a sour impossibility, it’s actually pretty easy and tasty if you just incorporate it into yourwater throughout the day.

Give these old fashioned remedies a try, in conjunction withan anti-inflammatory diet rich in fruits and vegetables. And don’t forgetyour daily supplements, to augment your diet and help get your health back on track, naturally!

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