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Naturally Prevent Aging, Starting a Cellular Level

"There are already several easy, natural steps you could be taking right now to improve your cellular health."

We’ve been searching for the fountain of youth for thousands of years, trying to unlock the secrets to defying age and turning back the hands of time ...with little success. But keep reading, because there have been tremendous recent successes in the world of anti-aging thatyou need to be aware of! Today, Dr. Nancy Lin, holistic nutritionist, is taking a look at some new research by  the world’s foremost expert on aging, Harvard Professor Dr. David Sinclair. 

Video Highlights

  • 03:43:New Findings Reveal the Nature of Aging
  • 06:03:Cellular Health and Coenzymes
  • 08:53:Natural, Effective Steps to Prevent Aging
  • 16:47:Wrap-Up

New Findings Reveal the Nature of Aging

According to Dr. Sinclair, his findings indicate that growing oldisn’t a natural part of life — it’s actually a disease that can be cured!That’s a pretty bold statement. But coming from a recognized scholar, it warrants further investigation.

These new findings not only shed more light on what on what’s really behind aging, they also confirmed the importance of the natural anti-aging and cellular health practices Dr. Nancy has been sharing with her clients for years!

And that’s what we are talking about today: the steps that you can take to ensure you are help you live longer, starting at the cellular level.  Dr. Nancy will share how you can use some of Dr. Sinclair’s findings, as well as some of her most effective strategies, to improve your cellular health, improve energy, and slow down the aging process — including how two important nutrients (Ubiquinol, the active form of CoQ10 and a very specific, and little known form of Omega-3), are essential components of to an anti-aging routine. 

Cellular Health and Coenzymes

So, what is this exciting information that Dr. Sinclair discovered?  Well, his new research found that signs of aging, includingenergy decline,premature wrinkles,muscle loss, and even the beginning phases oforgan failure starts to occur when our cells are overwhelmed and not functioning properly.  

Sinclair’s findings indicated that our cells never actuallylose their genetic information, no matter how old they are, but over time and as a result of damage caused by free radicals, oxidation, andchronic inflammation, our body actually starts to lose the ability to access and interpret this genetic information — which causes the cells to show signs of stress and aging.

Once reason this happens is because our bodies decrease their production ofspecific coenzymes responsible for supporting cell function.  

One of these coenzymes is known as NAD+, a relatively newly discovered coenzyme — but one that appears to have a significant role in the aging of your cells. You see, deficiency in this coenzyme has been shown to cause malfunctions of a specific family of proteins calledsirtuins, which are proteins found in every cell in your body that repair DNA and ensure your cells are functioning properly.  

The other coenzyme is known asCoenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, which you may have heard of. We’ll talk more about how important CoQ10 is for your cellular health in just a moment.

Scientists continue to work to determine how to slow the decline of NAD in the cells. And though some companies are already trying to sell NAD supplements, we recommend you stay away from those products (at least for now), since no studies have been done in humans. However, we have made tremendous strides in our understanding of how to improve cellular health and slow the process of aging and physical and mental decline through the use of the other coenzyme CoQ10, plus several other natural, effective steps that anyone can do.

Natural, Effective Steps to Prevent Aging

Eating less calories

That’s right! Eating less calories has been associated with better cellular health and improved longevity — in fact, just a 12%, decrease in caloric intake has been shown to slow down biological aging and has significant improvements on reducingblood pressure,blood sugar levels, andcholesterol levels.

A 12% decrease might seem like a lot, but it really isn’t; just consider how many calories you eat a day. If it’s 2,000 calories, a 12% decrease would equal 240 calories less per day — that’s two slices of bread, one less soda, or just cutting the normal amount of salad dressing you use in half. That sounds like a pretty good trade-off for living alonger, healthier life, right?

Lifting  weights and stretching

We know that exercise is important, but we don’t often hear how important it is specifically tostrength train and stretch. As you get older — starting in your 30’s — you start to lose between 3 and 5% of your muscle mass and flexibilityeach year! As you can imagine, this dramatically affects your quality of life and can even shorten your life expectancy… but it doesn’t have to!

In fact, a study in theInternational Journal of Sports Medicine, found that 70-year-olds who had lifted weights and stretched regularly for more than 10 years maintained as much muscle and flexibility as those half their age!

We’re not talking hardcore power lifting or intense yoga fusion classes; that’s just not realistic for many people. However, you do want to make sure you are strength training with light to moderate weights, or even your own body weight, stretching, and participating ingentle yoga or Tai-Chi on a regular basis. You’ll feel great and live longer — a win-win.

Preventing chronic inflammation in your brain

Researchers have found that chronic inflammation in the brain really has a profound effect on early onset ofcognitive decline and decrease mental abilities.

People with chronic inflammation at midlife are more likely to experiencememory loss and problems with thinking as they age. In fact, adults with the highest levels of inflammation markers in their 40s, 50s and early 60s had a steeper rate of cognitive decline — there is clearly a direct correlation.

Supplement with CoQ10 and Omega 3

We mentioned earlier how important the combination of CoQ10 and Omega 3 are for cellular health. In fact,they are not just important — supplementing with these nutrients are an absolutely essential step that you need to take for optimal cellular health every single day. But you need to usevery specific forms of both CoQ10 and Omega-3.Fortunately, we’ve made that part easy; you can get both of these in the right form and already premixed inSmarter Ubiquinol.

This is important, because if you are not using these supplements in the proper form, there’s a good chance that youare not absorbing the right amount of active CoQ10 or enough quality Omega-3 required to supportnatural cellular energy production and help prevent damage in the body caused by oxidative stress.

The specific combination in the Smarter Nutrition supplement isUbiquinol, the active form of CoQ10, which is better and more quickly and completely absorbed by your cells, combined withAhiflower Oil, the richest plant source of pure omega-3 oil on the planet. Together, this powerful combination providesthe exact amount of active, bioavailable ubiquinol and omega-3 required for cellular health.

Study after study shows that supplementing with ubiquinol helps withenergy production and supports and protects against damage and aging caused by free radicals, oxidative stress, and medications – that’s why it’s so important for cellular health. However, what many people don’t know is this:

Most CoQ10 supplements on the market contain onlyubiquinone — the oxidized form of CoQ10, which must be converted in the body to ubiquinol, meaning most of these supplements are poorly absorbed. You really need to make sure you are supplementing everyday with at least 100 mg ofubiquinol — the only active form of CoQ10.  

In addition to overall better cellular health, taking the ingredients in Smarter Ubiquinol have been shown to:

  •     Increase energy and stamina, and
  •     Help Provide Healthier blood pressure levels
  •     Improve Heart health 
  •     Help with Healthier blood sugar & cholesterol levels
  •     Improve Immune & nervous system health


There are already several easy, natural steps you could be taking right now to improve your cellular health and literally turn back the hands of time. And that includes taking Smarter Ubiquinol as a part of your daily routine!

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