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Mid-Year Recap: The Articles You've Loved This Year

Things have really ramped up this year at Smarter Nutrition!

We have had so much fun hearing from our readers, fans, and Facebook family, and answering your health questions.

We hope our daily videos and blog articles have helped you meet your health goals! We so appreciate your watching, learning, sharing, and telling us what you want to hear. 

We especially love to hear your success stories as you implement these tips and lifestyle changes!

In case you've missed anything, we’re sharing our top five videos and blog posts of the year (so far)—check out what other fans have found the most helpful! Enjoy. :)

Best Exercises for Joint Strength and Mobility

In this live video consultation, Dr. Nancy addressed one of the four pillars of health: exercises that improve joint flexibility, strength, and mobility! Learn specific exercises to relieve joint stiffness and aches and pains in the body.

Joint and back pain can be debilitating. Learning the right way to address it can help restore your full range of motion, strengthen your muscles, and relieve aching joints. Click the "play" button above or the link below to see Dr. Nancy's demonstration. 

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Read This Before Your Next Breakfast

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but that doesn't mean any old breakfast will do. High protein breakfasts are what nutritionists recommend. But does that mean we should eat eggs every day? Are eggs good for us or bad for us?

Brand new research regarding eggs is very controversial. If you eat eggs, then you need to watch this video. Dr. Nancy Lin, PhD, holistic nutritionist will break it all down for you. Plus, she'll lay out her high protein healthy breakfast options you can eat every day! 

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What Can Apple Cider Vinegar Do For Your Health?

Apple cider vinegar has been a controversial health product for years. It has long history as a home remedy, and supposedly helps with dozens of health matters, from relieving aches and pains to being used as a natural deodorant, and much more. But many have asked… where is the support for such claims?

In this show, Dr. Nancy Lin, PhD holistic nutritionist, takes a closer look at apple cider vinegar, its possible benefits, the science behind it, and the different ways you can incorporate it into your life. Plus, she will share some really fantastic recipes that you can make at home using apple cider vinegar. 

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Best Body Movements to Reduce Inflammation

Part 3 of Dr. Nancy Lin's series on the new Medit-American Diet and Lifestyle is all about getting your body moving!

Join us to talk about the best exercises that will help rid your body of inflammation. Dr. Nancy will demonstrate some of her favorites, and discuss the health benefits of different types of exercise. No matter where you are in your health journey, this video is for you.

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The Healthy Way to Cook With Oil

According to top Integrative-Health professionals, the best cooking oils include coconut oil, butter, and lard — not vegetable oils! If this comes as a surprise, then keep reading. We’re going to take a closer look and find out why these oils are the best health choices for cooking.​

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Thanks so much for joining us and we look forward to so much more this year!  

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