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Get More Energy by Changing These Simple Eating Habits

Just when we think that we have heard about every diet out there, a new one seems to pop up. Some of these plans are just fads, and others have some real benefits. For people who experience energy slumps during the day or difficulty sleeping at night, the diet we’re talking about today may be one that’s worth looking into.  

This diet has been shown to be successful at lowering inflammation in the body, as well as improving energy and sleep. It’s a way of eating designed to align your meals with your body’s needs, right when you need it. This eating plan is based on the theory that eating at specific times of day allows you to maximize your health by regulating your circadian rhythms. There are three key components to this diet:

  •  Eating during the day only
  •  Eating more in the morning and less in the evening
  •  Eating dinner for breakfast

How Eating Relates To Our Cardiac Rhythms

Our bodies run according to an internal clock that is controlled by our cardiac rhythms. That internal clock is set to line up with nature. For example, humans by nature are diurnal, not nocturnal. So eating during daylight hours helps our bodies fall asleep fast and stay asleep at night, as we are designed to. Additionally, this helps our body perform better during the day, with increased cognition and focus. Eating in a way that’s lined up with our cardiac rhythms also allows the body to more accurately determine what type of energy and how much we need to sustain ourselves.

Eat During Daylight

Often, we are so busy that we start our day before the sun even rises. This means we could end up eating during 15 hours or more throughout the day. Most of us don’t even realize that we are eating almost nonstop.  If we sync our bodies with the sun, then we eat only during daylight hours. Studies have shown that those who ate only when the sun is out rather than around the clock, experienced multiple health benefits from weight loss to reversing the effects of diabetes. If you’re trying to realign your eating habits, just make an effort to only eat when you don’t need artificial light to see your food.

More In The Morning And Less In The Evening

Another to optimize our health benefits of syncing meals with cardiac rhythms is to eat more in the morning and less in the evening. Our body has a system of give and take — it needs food in order to create energy. If we were running a marathon you wouldn’t starve yourself beforehand and eat a large meal after crossing the finish line. If you did that, your muscles would be screaming for proteins and other nutrients, forcing your body to work against you the whole time.

Now apply this same concept to the way you eat. Your body needs more energy in the morning to complete the tasks throughout the day. Eating a large meal at night essentially fills the tank when it isn’t going anywhere. Since your body is not in need of energy at night, you’re not burning those calories you consumed. This can wreak havoc on your metabolism, which slows down when you are sleeping.

Eat Dinner for Breakfast

Similarly,what we eat in the morning can have a big impact on our function throughout the day. Breakfast often consists of small portions in comparison to dinner, and it often doesn’t contain the calories you need to carry you through the day. Consider turning this around — if you’re going to eat meat and potatoes, consider eating it at breakfast time. Then, enjoy a light meal for dinner to improve your metabolism and sleep cycle.

Putting Circadian Rhythm Eating Into Action

The best diet or eating plan for optimal health is one that issustainable. That means before we look at extreme, restrictive, diets we should take a look at options that allow us to make lifestyle changes we can actually stick to long-term. Eating in sync with nature is a surprisingly simple method to follow. There is no counting calories, no starving to suffer through and no fancy diet replacement shakes. Instead, you provide your body with the nutrients it needs most, right when your body needs them. Give your body time to get used to the change, especially with eating a larger breakfast. It can pay off when you start experiencing more energy, better sleep, and more.

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