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9 Ways to Get a Great Workout

We all know getting enough exercises is crucial for our health. Many people think about exercise in terms of weight loss, but it's so much more than that — exercise helps reduce inflammation, reduces blood pressure, elevates mood, and promotes better sleep, just to name a few! 

It can be hard to know where to get started, but we're here for you! Our favorite nutritionist, Dr. Nancy Lin, has done an in-depth series to demonstrate how to work out every part of the body. This series will show you how to get a great cardio, upper body, lower body, core strength, cardio, resistance, and yoga workout.

Plus, learn how to get started again without injury if you haven't worked out in a while! 

Lower Body Exercises for the Workout Novice

This fun and informative segment focuses on the power center — our lower half. The lower body features the biggest muscles in the body including the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Watch Dr. Nancy Lin, PhD, demonstrate her Top 5 Lower Body Strength Movements. These effective exercises are for beginners on up and all can be done at home. 

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The Advanced Lower Body Workout

In this segment in her signature exercise series, Dr. Nancy takes it to another level in with her Top 12 Advanced Lower Body Strength Movements, most of which use only bodyweight. The exercises are intended for those who exercise somewhat regularly or who have been doing the exercises in Dr. Nancy’s Beginner Lower Body Strength program and are ready to be more challenged. Get ready to sweat as Nancy breaks down each exercise.

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The Beginner's Upper Body Workout

This episode is tailored toward those of you who are either new to working out or haven’t worked out in awhile and you’re just getting back into it. It is not advanced, but it is healthy! Dr. Nancy will explain the importance of keeping upper body muscles strong as we age, breaking it down by muscle. Then she’ll demonstrate her top 10 proven upper body strength movements for beginners that can be done anywhere.

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The Advanced Upper Body Workout

In this episode, Dr. Nancy demonstrates her Top 10 Advanced Upper Body Strength Movements, most using just bodyweight. The exercises are intended for those who exercise somewhat regularly or who have been doing the exercises in Dr. Nancy’s Beginner Upper Body Strength program and are ready to be more challenged. Skip the personal trainer and watch this show for FREE!

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Top 15 Exercises for Core Strength

In this episode, Dr. Nancy will discuss the importance of having a strong core, especially as we age, and she’ll demonstrate her top 15 moves to building a stronger core. Don’t miss this super fun and informative show.

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How to Get a Great Cardio Workout

In today’s live show, Dr. Nancy is talking about the importance of doing cardio as we get older, including the best types of cardio to keep our bodies healthy and functioning properly, and one popular exercise we should give up for good. She will also explains how often you should be doing cardio, and the best ways to fuel your body before and after your workout. Some of these exercises will be more fun than you might think!

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Yoga Basics: Sun Salutation Flows

In this show, Dr. Nancy Lin talks about a form of exercise that increases joint flexibility and muscle strength, improves posture, and offers dozens of benefits for the whole body, including quieting an anxious mind and helping reduce stress.

This show is on basic yoga, and Dr. Nancy will demonstrate a great way to start, regardless of age or fitness level. Energize both body and mind today with Dr. Nancy as she takes us through two basic yoga flows that can be done anywhere.

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Cardio or Resistance Training: Which is Better as We Age?

In this episode, Dr. Nancy is focusing on the best type of workouts as you age — more specifically, whether cardio or resistance training is better for you as you get older. We’ll see what the experts have to say, and then Dr. Nancy will share her personal opinion, as well as offer some tips and exercises you can do to stay optimally healthy way will into your senior years.

She’ll also share the one cardio exercise that she recommends you stay away from as you get older! If you are doing this one exercise every day and you are over a certain age, then you are probably causing more harm to your body than you realize. Keep reading to find out more!

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How to Start Working Out Again and Avoid Injury

Regular exercise becomes more critical to our health, longevity and quality of life as we age. But life gets in the way, or perhaps an injury or fear of injury, and many people simply stop exercising, which can lead to a host of health issues.

In today’s episode, Dr. Nancy will talk about ways to get us moving and exercising again, while protecting against injury. Don’t miss these great tips!

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