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7 Common Lifestyle Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Like anything else worth working for,getting healthy takes commitment, change, and persistence. It’s easy to neglect our health and get off track when we are running around trying to check off each item on the endless to-do list. The truth is that we all make health mistakes, some of which we don’t even realize may be damaging our health right now. So, if you are trying to get healthy and change your eating and lifestyle habits for the better, here are seven common health mistakes you should know about, and how to fix them.

Implementing these recommended fixes should help take the stress and worry out of your health journey.  

7 Lifestyle Mistakes & How to Fix Them

#1 Neglecting Fruits & Veggies

If you aren’t getting enough color in your diet, now’s the time to fix the problem. Remember “eat the rainbow?” It doesn’t mean grabbing a bag of skittles. You can easily bulk up your diet with somedark leafy greens and anti-inflammatory berries by tossing them into yourdaily smoothie. Try to incorporate as many fruits and vegetables into your diet as you can — adding two to each meal is a good goal. Try focusing on making half of your plate vegetables and turning to fruits,nuts, and seeds, for your snacks. You can even make a large salad for lunch with a variety of dark leafy greens, berries, and hemp seeds to increase your healthy plant intake.

#2 Not Getting Enough Sleep

We talk aboutlack of sleep all the time, because it’s so incredibly important. Slacking on sleep can have bighealth consequences. Not only will you wake up feeling groggy, but a lack of sleep has been linked to poor dietary choices and weight gain, among other things. Your body needs time to rejuvenate, sostrive to get that golden eight hours of quality sleep per night if you can, even if it means hitting the hay a little earlier. Have a hard time getting to sleep at night? Try sipping on some herbal tea (or otheryummy sleep-inducing beverages), taking anatural sleep supplement, and doing some deep breathing exercises before bed.

#3 Not Getting Outside Enough

Spending time outside is such an important part of supportingmental health, and for soaking up some much-neededvitamin D. Many of us are tied to desks all day and have limited time to spend outside. If that’s the case for you, make the most of your lunch break by getting outside for lunch, ortaking a walk outside before the start of your workday. Getting some fresh air can do wonders for your mood and give you a nice vitamin D boost.

#4 Forgetting the Grocery List

There are two things that can sabotage your success at thegrocery store. The first is going shopping while hungry, and the second is going to the store without a shopping list. Focus on making a detailed list of exactly what you need, so you are more likely to stay on track and stick to the healthy and nourishing foods on your meal plan. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps you can use on your phone that allow you to have your list with you all the time.

Speaking of a meal plan, making a weekly or a monthly meal plan is a great way to help you plan out your grocery list each week based on the recipes you will be making. It can also help you stay on track with your healthy eating habits as you know exactly what you will be eating each day. 

#5 Forgetting About Self-Care

It’s far too common to forget aboutself-care. Life is super hectic, and it leaves little time to take care of ourselves. But, even just ten minutes per day of focusing on your own mental and physical health can make a drastic difference. So, strive to practice some self-care daily, even if it’s just a 15-minuteyoga practice to wind down your day, or locking the bedroom door for a few minutes while you read a book or have a cup of tea.

#6 Not Drinking Enough Water

It’s easy to forget to stayproperly hydrated when we are on the go all day long, but it’s easy for dehydration to set in if we aren’t sipping water throughout the day. And, not only is dehydration bad for overall health, but poor dietary choices are often made when thirst and hunger signalsget mixed up. So, if you feel like you are craving something sweet soon after a meal, try drinking a glass of water first to see if you were really just thirsty.

Have a hard time drinking enough plain old water? Add a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice for added flavor, or a splash of unsweetened coconut water for some extra electrolytes.

#7 Forgetting our Friends

Being social is so important. Social media, when used right, can be a place to engage in meaningful interactions, especially for those whose home or geographical situations make them feel more isolated. But if it’s possible, spending one on one time with friends and loved ones is crucial. It’s important for our mental health, and can be a wonderful form of self-care. If it’s been far too long since your last coffee date with your friends, get one on the calendar asap! You would be surprised at what a little catching up can do for your mood. 

Don’t Let These 7 Health Mistakes Slow You Down

So, there you have it, seven lifestyle mistakes that are easily avoidable or fixed. Making these simple changes and staying consistent will have you on your way to better physical and mental health in 2020!

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