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5 Tips Even Busy People Can Use for Healthy Weight Loss

Let’s face it, getting a workout in every single day can be quite a challenge especially if you have a hectic schedule between work and home responsibilities. How about just a few days a week? Even that can still be difficult for some people.

However, choosing not to exercise and move your body can have seriously detrimental effects on your body and total health. It also allows inflammation to build in the body without a release. We all know the benefits of exercisingfrom supporting cardiovascular health to reducing stress and supporting a healthy weight. So, what do we do if we don’t have the time to exercise? With a little creativity, you can still support weight loss on the days that you don’t work out.

Let’s take a look at some daily routines you can incorporate into your day to day life that, in some ways, are just as important as exercise for weight loss!

5 Daily Routines for Weight Loss

1. Get Enough Protein in Your Breakfast

How you start your day can significantly impact the rest of your day for better or worse. A great way to kickstart your body’s ability to maintain stable blood sugar and thus help support weight loss is by getting enough protein in your breakfast. A protein-rich breakfast will keep you full until lunch, reducing your chances of overeating between meals and later in the evening. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast can also give you an energy boost and should support healthier diet and lifestyle choices throughout the rest of your day. Aim for 30 grams of lean protein at breakfast and each meal.

Some great breakfast options include:

  • A smoothie made with unsweetened almond or coconut milk, a frozen banana, a cup of berries, a scoop of protein powder (30 grams), and some superfood seeds like hemp, chia or flax.
  • Gluten-free toast with mashed avocado and an egg
  • A cup of full-fat unsweetened coconut milk yogurt topped with fresh berries and almonds.
  • Two hard boiled eggs (minus yolks) and two lean chicken apple sausages

2. Take Frequent Breaks

If you work in an office for eight hours per day, chances are you are sitting at your desk for most of that time. A great way to help support weight loss that doesn’t require a work-out is to get up and move your body regularly. Get up and stretch or take a quick walk to get your blood flowing. A great way to motivate and remind you to get up and take a break is to wear a Fitbit watch or something similar that will buzz and tell you it’s time to get up! You can also set an alarm for every two hours or so. You can also purchase a “high-low” desk which allows you to adjust your working station. You can opt to stand and use your computer or lower the desk to a sitting position. It’s a great and inexpensive way to get more movement and improve body posture while in the office.

3. Reduce Stress Daily 

There’s no denying that stress triggers weight gain, so getting some form of stress reduction in your day to day life is a huge part of successfully losing weight. When you’re stressed, your body produces more cortisol, an inflammatory stress hormone which can easily pack on the pounds exactly where we don’t want them. Cortisol is known for causing weight gain in our midsection that can be hard to lose unless we reduce the stressors in our life. Too much cortisol can also slow down metabolism, so it’s a double whammy when it comes to weight gain. To help support weight loss without even having to exercise, reduce stress by practicing some daily breathing techniques, and take some time for daily self-care. Even if you can only dedicate ten minutes per day, it can go a long way in supporting your overall health and ability to lose weight.

4. Go to Bed Earlier

Try to make it a habit to get to bed earlier each night to help support weight loss. Studies have found that a lack of sleep can lead to weight gain caused by an increased chance of consuming junk food. Try to get into bed before 10 PM each night to prevent an evening cortisol spike from keeping you awake. If you have a hard time falling asleep, try sipping on some chamomile tea, diffusing some lavender essential oils, or taking an Epsom salt bath to help wind down your day. Turn off the electronics and read a real book. The quality of sleep you get will ensure you have a better day tomorrow, with more energy.

5. Snack Smart 

Who knew that snacking could help support weight loss? The key to snacking to support a healthy weight involves choosing the foods that are going to help stabilize your blood sugar levels in between meals. If you can snack on foods that will help balance your blood sugar and keep you full without allowing those sugar cravings to kick in, you may just find it easier to lose excess weight.

Try snacking on some of the following healthy food choices.

  • A handful of nuts & seeds with a side of fruit
  • Quinoa bowl with lentil beans and avocado
  • Vegetables and hummus
  • A bowl of gluten free oatmeal with fresh fruit
  • Celery and carrot sticks with almond and nut butters
  • A protein smoothie with dark, leafy greens

The Bottom Line

Trying to find what works when it comes to weight loss can be incredibly frustrating, and you may feel like you are spinning your wheels at times, and nothing is working. If you are having a hard time losing weight and struggle to find time to exercise each day, try to implement these daily routines into your schedule to see what it can do for your overall health. Daily body movement is extremely important for your overall health, and you still need to find a way to keep your body moving every day. But even if you don’t have time for a full workout, tweaking your routines and habits may just be what your body needs to help kickstart weight loss into high gear and help you reach your weight loss goals. Plus, you may be able to see results without having to even hit the gym every day.

Maintaining a healthy weight will help you lower inflammation too, so make it a priority in your life.

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