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23 Tips to Prevent Accelerated Aging

Modern day life bears little resemblance to the simpler lifestyle of just a few decades ago. The demands and stressors we face today accelerate the body’s aging mechanisms. But there are plenty of innovative ways to slow down the hands of time and prevent the havoc that accelerated aging causes to our wellbeing and bodies.

Some cutting-edge tips, as well as some simple fundamentals are uniquely blended in this list to help you feel as young as you are and stay healthy for longer. Plus, these are all affordable and easily accessible. What’s not to love? Here are 28 secrets from top longevity experts to try.

1. Get your DNA tested for proclivities towards disease.

Your DNA can tell you more about your body’s natural tendencies: which genes that promote health are activated, and which are not. Knowing this may allow you to alter your diet and lifestyle so you can make changes. Within six months, another DNA test will show you how you impacted your genes. It can be very empowering to do this!

2. Take an inventory of your bad habits.

According to rumors, Abe Lincoln tried to quit one bad habit and replace it with a good one every month. Whether that’s true of him or not, it’s not a bad idea! Remember that bad habits can lead to chronic illness for years to come, and deteriorate your health and lifestyle. Be intentional! Take a look at whether your bad habits are worth maintaining in the long run.

3. Stay on top of your health by running your own lab tests.

Many people call these hacks; we call them health wisdom. Doctor seldom run certain tests, (such as checking for a vitamin D deficiency) for patients younger than age 50, but you can do it yourself! Start with vitamin D and then add other tests as you gain more knowledge. Many tests come with a simple cheek swab that you can mail back out to a lab you choose and get results within a few weeks without the need for a doctor’s prescription. Pretty efficient, huh?

4. Do something for someone else daily – and don’t tell anyone you did it.

Giving to others comes with a variety of health benefits: lower blood pressure, reduced feelings of anxiety and depression, increased happiness, and even less chronic pain. In one study, those who volunteered their services at two or more organizations were almost 50% less likely to die in the next five years.

5. Attend to your spirit, not just your body.

We are holistic human beings — our bodies and spirits are intertwined. If you’re not spiritually healthy, that can translate into poor physical health, and vice versa. Plus, church families or communities can provide a meaningful support system.

6. Take an inventory of your friends.

Are your relationships healthy or unhealthy? Friends are an excellent source of wisdom and support. Make sure that the people you spend time with are good for you (and you for them). Are you supportive of each other? Do you challenge each other to be better? Does one of you do all the giving and the other all the taking? Assessing your relationships and working to keep them healthy (or leaving toxic relationships) goes a long way to keeping you physically healthy and preventing the stress that accelerates aging.

7. Learn a new skill every month or two.

This keeps your brain young and the synapses firing better. Try sudoku puzzles, learn a new language or instrument, take a cooking class, or learn to knit. These are also great skills and learning new hobbies is fun!

8. Go on a treasure hunt and search for another good thing about your spouse weekly.

People are complex and it could literally take you more than a lifetime to know someone deeply. Everyone has exceptional traits that need to be uncovered – and the process of learning these new things generates gratitude, affection, and empathy. When you make this a habit, your marriage can become deeper, and more meaningful.

9. Take supplements that help support brain health.

Supplements such as curcumin help provide defense against free radicals and supports normal inflammation responses. A sharper brain is needed to run the body efficiently.

10. Exercise.

Body movement is extremely important for good cardiovascular and digestive health, especially as we age. Combating accelerated aging is much easier with regular exercise. Exercise is needed for efficient blood circulation and for keeping the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine and respiratory system optimal. Plus, it improves sleep, elevates feelings, and reduces inflammation. Exercise most days of the week if you can.

11. Get your microbiome genome tested.

One of the latest areas of genetic testing involves testing the DNA of the microbes in your gut. Many people have abnormalities due to antibiotic consumption; one dose of antibiotics can wipe out 50% of the gut bacteria, leaving you defenseless in many ways. Know where you are starting from and then take the steps to restore proper balance to your gut bacteria.

12. Eat more vegetables.

Vegetables contain hundreds of vitamins and minerals that your metabolism needs for optimal functionality. They stimulate the immune system, make your brain more efficient, lower your blood sugar, promote healing from injuries, increase stem cell production, and more.

13. Check your vitamin D levels and optimize them.

Vitamin D stimulates over 3,000 different metabolic reactions in the body. More than 50% of people are deficient in this vitamin. Your levels should be optimally 60-75 mg/dl. A growing body of science points to a daily dose of 5,000 IU of vitamin D each day for strong bones and immune support.

14. Reset your stress tolerance level.

What stresses you out? How can you learn healthy coping mechanisms for these things? We now know that stress is one of the biggest reasons for inflammation in the body and responsible for many chronic diseases. Simple breathing techniques and relaxation exercises like deep breathing 10-20 minutes per day, practicing yoga, taking a relaxing bath or a walk, can help keep inflammation down and with that, slow accelerated aging down. Stress is really a fast-forward button on aging.

15. Breathing exercises.

Adding oxygen to your body improves your health in many ways. It may seem simple, but it does so much for you! Take slow, deep, belly rising breaths each day to calm your central nervous system and teach your body to be less reactive to your environment. This will help to slow the aging process down, and help reduce stress and anxiety.

16. Educate yourself on health topics.

Learning all about new health developments will help you grow intellectually, and give you the tools you need to feel in control of your health. Start doing some research on some fascinating topics like  weighted blankets, natural skincareGMOs, the brain-gut connection, and more.

17. Take an inventory of all those who you have not forgiven.

Holding grudges keeps you captive to bitterness, and affects every other relationship you have. It also has a serious impact on your health, from increasing depression to increasing chronic pain and preventing quality sleep. Find out who you still have to forgive — and then do it.

18. Learn about natural alternatives to modern medicine.

Sometimes commercial medications are necessary, and you should definitely talk to your healthcare provider about that. But many medications and pharmaceuticals put a band-aid on the symptoms without really addressing the root of the problem. Learn to take a holistic approach to health by seeking out natural solutions.

19. Stay in touch with your emotions.

If you suppress your emotions, it can lead to chronic disease and contribute to accelerated aging. It’s much better for your physical and mental health to find healthy ways to process your feelings than to ignore them.

20. Change your oils to healthy oils.

If you are still consuming canola and other vegetable oils, then your heart could be suffering without you realizing it. Canola oil in particular is banned in European countries for this reason. Olive oil, avocado and coconut oils are much healthier alternatives.

21. Try intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting resets your metabolism, and detoxifies you. It resets your blood sugar levels, and curbs your hunger. Studies suggest that those who practice intermittent fasting live longer than those who don’t.

22. Detoxify your internal organs at least twice a year.

Spring cleaning is not just for the garage! It is actually really beneficial to do a self “reset” and detox from normal, inflammatory habits. Colon cleanses, liver cleanses, bloodstream cleanses, kidney cleanses, brain cleanses, and lung cleanses are all methods people use to eliminate toxins that they're exposed to all the time. Make sure you research the healthy way to detox.

23. Find out your food intolerances.

Food intolerances cause inflammation in the body. With inflammation running rampant, your body can’t heal. Get tested, or try an elimination diet for a while to see if you are sensitive to things like gluten, dairy, or nightshade vegetables. Once you know, you can start to eliminate those things from your diet and start feeling better!

There you go. There are 23 tips to choose from! Try just a few to start with, and see what works best for you.

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