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Evolving Your Skincare as You Age

How your skincare should evolve as you age

There are a lot of things we look forward to, but aging isn’t one of them. After a certain age, many people dread getting older each year. Why do we hate the thought of aging? Oftentimes, the number isn’t the problem; we just don’t want to look older.
As we age, our skin produces less collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, and, without these components, our skin becomes dry, rough, and begins to sag.

Collagen is essential to keeping your skin firm and smooth because it makes up about 70 percent of your skin. The harsh truth is that at as early as 20-years-old our bodies start producing 1 to 1.5% less collagen each year. That means by 40-years-old your body is producing an average of 25% less and by the age of 60 it’s down a whopping 50%!

Consequently, during each stage of our lives we require different types of skincare regimens and nutrients. In addition to collagen supplementation, it’s important to adapt your skincare routine as you age.

The Roaring 20’s

In your 20’s, the name of the game is prevention. Being considerably young, you still have the gift of a natural glow and plump skin. You may still be dealing with issues like acne and oily or dry skin, but generally a basic skincare routine should be sufficient for you. To defend your skin against future signs of aging, be sure to include a serum with vitamin C. Not only is it ideal for brightening your skin, it prevents damage from free radicals while reversing damage from sun exposure.

Now that you know aging truly begins at 20-years-old, it’s imperative to include collagen supplementation into your daily routine. Available in a powder, collagen is extremely easy to add to your morning coffee, smoothie or with water.

Smarter Skin Collagen is a marine collagen—the cleanest source of any collagen. Marine collagen is mostly type 1, which is the same collagen that is naturally found in the majority of the skin. Marine collagen is the most skin-specific collagen largely because it containers a higher percentage of glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline than any other collagen source. These components are extremely important when it comes to the skin’s collagen synthesis.

In addition to containing premium collagen peptides, Smarter Skin Collagen is formulated with natural ingredients that support the production and protection of your body’s skin collagen. For example, green tea helps block the main cell damaging enzyme that shuts down collagen and elastin production while protecting against the breakdown of existing collagen from sugar, stress, and external factors.


The Thriving 30’s


Man applying sunscreen

They say 30 is the new 20! Make your 30’s your best years yet by introducing new, essential products to your regimen. Once you’ve hit 30, you’re more likely to have begun noticing grey hairs and lines that weren’t there before. The body starts slowing down processes like skin cell turnover and dead skill cells linger on the surface, making your complexion look lackluster.

To target this skin concern, incorporate an exfoliant into your routine once or twice a week to help prevent dead skin cells from piling up on your skin. Another way to combat dull skin and prevent fine lines is to use a retinoid. Small but mighty, a retinoid should be used sparingly (especially until your skin is accustomed to its strength) but is impressively effective at encouraging cell turnover and boosting collagen stores.

In your 20’s you may have tried to wear SPF often, but your 30’s are the time to really get in the habit. One of the biggest villains our skin encounters is the sun. It’s important to wear sunscreen every day—365 days a year—that is at least SPF 30. What’s even better, there are many moisturizers and foundations with SPF included in the formula.

In addition to taking your Smarter Skin Collagen, we suggest adding Smarter Omega 3 to aid your defense. While omega-3’s are touted for promoting normal inflammation responses and promoting optimal cholesterol levels, a lesser-known benefit is that they can positively impact your skin. Studies have shown that omega-3’s like DHA and EPA may help protect against sun damage. omega-3’s may also support your skin barrier by keeping moisture in and irritants out.

Smarter Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid supplement with over 1800 mg of omega-3 (EPA and DHA) from wild-caught Pollock and Pacific Whiting. The formula also includes olive oil, which has skin protective and anti-aging properties. Its components help regulate nearly 100 genes that play a role in cell growth, repair, and age-associated processes.

The Fabulous 40’s

Turning 40 isn’t what it used to be. What used to be celebrated with an “Over the Hill” party is now a trip to a tropical locale where you’re rocking a bikini! While 40-year-olds certainly have a younger mindset, your skin needs a little more attention to keep up. Your body is producing a quarter less collagen than it used to, likely resulting in two common side effects: skin thinning and age spots.

To encourage defense against the loss of collagen and elasticity in your skin, it’s now more important than ever to religiously take Smarter Skin Collagen and Smarter Omega 3. Collagen promotes cell turnover, which helps replace dead skin cells that our skin doesn’t need anymore, like those pesky age spots.

Studies have shown that taking collagen supplements may improve the look of sun-exposed skin while reducing age spots. By the time you’ve turned 40, your body just can’t produce enough collagen to sustain these processes on its own. Taking supplements like Smarter Skin Collagen and Smarter Omega 3 can give you the boost you need to help heal your skin from the inside out.

The Tremendous 50’s


Woman applying sunscreen to man's face

Remember when 50 was considered “old”? Think again! Jennifer Lopez is 52-years-old and most people would say she hasn’t aged one bit. She claims she hasn’t used injectables or cosmetic surgery and credits her skin’s youthful appearance to her skincare routine instead. We can’t promise that you’ll look exactly like Jennifer, but we suggest maintaining the routine you perfected in your 40s unless you start noticing hormonal changes. During perimenopause and menopause, your body’s estrogen levels will decline, affecting moisture retention and collagen and elastin levels. Use Smarter Skin Collagen and Smarter Omega 3 to discourage signs of aging.

Whether you’re 25 or 45, there are specific products that can help prepare and prevent your skin from showing signs of aging. While topical treatments treat the surface of the skin, supplements like collagen and omega-3’s help nourish the skin internally. As our skin evolves, the way we care for it needs to evolve too.

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